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An information technology has an interesting growth pattern that hasbeen observed since the founding of the industry. Intel engineerGordon E. Moore noticed that the number of components that could beinstalled on an integrated circuit doubled every year for a minimaleconomic cost and he thought it might continue that way for anotherdecade or so from the time he noticed it in 1965 (Moore 1965).History has shown his predictions were rather conservative. Thisdoubling of speed and capabilities along with a halving of cost hasproven to continue every 18 or so months since 1965 and shows littleevidence of stopping. And this phenomenon is not limited to computerchips but is also present in all information technologies. Thepotential power of this accelerating change has captured theimagination of the noted inventor Ray Kurzweil who has famouslypredicted that if this doubling of capabilities continues and more andmore technologies become information technologies, then there willcome a point in time where the change from one generation ofinformation technology to the next will become so massive that it willchange everything about what it means to be human, and at this momentwhich he calls “the Singularity” our technology will allowus to become a new post human species (2006). If this is correct,there could be no more profound change to our moral values. There hasbeen some support for this thesis from the technology community withinstitutes such as the Singularity Institute, the Acceleration StudiesFoundation, Future of Humanity Institute, and H+.[]Reaction to this hypothesis from philosophy has been mixed but largelycritical. For example Mary Midgley (1992) argues that the belief thatscience and technology will bring us immortality and bodilytranscendence is based on pseudoscientific beliefs and a deep fear ofdeath. In a similar vein Sullins (2000) argues that there is aquasi-religious aspect to the acceptance of transhumanism and theacceptance of the transhumanist hypothesis influences the valuesembedded in computer technologies that are dismissive or hostile to thehuman body. While many ethical systems place a primary moral value onpreserving and protecting the natural, transhumanists do not see anyvalue in defining what is natural and what is not and considerarguments to preserve some perceived natural state of the human body asan unthinking obstacle to progress. Not all philosophers arecritical of transhumanism, as an example Nick Bostrom (2008) of theFuture of Humanity Institute at Oxford University argues that puttingaside the feasibility argument, we must conclude that there are formsof posthumanism that would lead to long and worthwhile lives and thatit would be overall a very good thing for humans to become posthuman ifit is at all possible.

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In what way, if any, are these phenomena interrelated? Do they signify an acceleration of society per se, or are they instead illustrations of separate processes of acceleration within society? Do they add up to a qualitative shift in the fabric of contemporary society? Have we crossed a critical threshold or speed barrier, or are recent experiences of speed only one-sided representations of an eternal interplay between the forces of movement and those of constancy and stability? These are among the most important questions that this book seeks to answer.

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By clearing the path toward a better understanding of recent temporal trends, we hope to demonstrate that the concept of social acceleration is an indispensable tool for contemporary social and political analysis. Notwithstanding the intellectual and political distances separating the contributors to this volume, their insights help provide the necessary conceptual instruments if we are to distinguish better between serious social analysis and the superficial technobabble and imbalanced ideology ubiquitous in contemporary discourse about speed. The editors of this volume also hope to make a contribution, however modest, to a critical theory of society. In our view, the concept of acceleration holds out the promise of shedding fresh light on a host of political and social pathologies plaguing contemporary society. Although the diverse theoretical perspectives represented here offer no easy answers concerning the best way to overcome those pathologies, and although some of the authors included here endorse politically quiescent and even reactionary answers to the challenges of speed, we believe that paying closer attention to the high-speed contours of contemporary society ultimately places its core attributes in a critical light. If the unfulfilled quest for a decent society is to remain viable in the twenty-first century, a serious-minded analysis of the temporal driving forces underlying contemporary society will have to make up a crucial element of a renewed critical theory of society. We hope that the essays collected here, some by internationally renowned scholars and available for the first time to an English-speaking audience, can help generate a useful debate about social acceleration, as well as its causes and consequences.

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