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The upcoming report will no doubt fault Shell for being ill-prepared for offshore drilling in Alaska. But the report is much more than an indictment of Shell’s incompetence. It will be one more piece of evidence that no

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In the article, “Offshore Drilling in Alaska Should Be Expanded” by author Marvin E.

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This essay will address the issue from Taking Sides (2013) of “Should we drill offshore for oil?” First, I will talk about the benefits of offshore drilling, economically and socially.

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Increased Oil Production
Offshore drilling greatly increases the oil production and the amount of oil that we have to use for fuel and energy. This stimulates the economy and keeps our society going.

In addition, others argue that increased offshore drilling would not affect supply enough to cause prices to fall.
Many opponents of offshore drilling fear that such an increase would pose a grave danger to the environment.

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Some suggest that increased offshore drilling would help to lower prices, while others balk at the idea.

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More Jobs
Offshore drilling requires many skilled people to operate the equipment. It creates an entire world of jobs that benefit thousands of people and their families. There are entire towns set up to revolve around and cater to the offshore drilling workers.

Next, I will talk about various arguments against offshore drilling, paying special attention to possible environmental threats....

to expand offshore drilling while people against it are ..