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Greenspan’s interrogation by the House Oversight Committee was a far cry from his 18½ years as Fed chairman, when he presided over the longest economic boom in the country’s history. He was viewed as a free-market icon on Wall Street and held in respect bordering on awe by most members of Congress.

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The shift is progressive until that commodity becomes the sole medium of exchange.

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“Alan Greenspan will go down in history as the person most responsible for the enormous economic damage caused by the housing bubble and the subsequent collapse of the market. The United States is still down almost 9 million jobs from its trend path. We are losing close to $1 trillion a year in potential output, with cumulative losses to date approaching $5 trillion.

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They were successful and Bennett decided to write a second series of monologues, the one which I am going to study is called “Miss Fozzard finds her feet” and I will be discussing how Alan Bennett creates her character and how her story is told....

In it, she included , the essay by Alan Greenspan which appears below.

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In the fall of 2008, with much of Wall Street lying in ruins and economic indicators plunging, Greenspan was hauled before the House of Representatives Oversight Committee. The Chair of the Committee, Henry Waxman, chronicled for Greenspan the recent collapses occurring from either deregulation and/or unbridled greed and corruption. Waxman stated:

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He acknowledged that he had also been wrong in rejecting fears that the five-year housing boom was turning into an unsustainable speculative bubble that could harm the economy when it burst. Greenspan maintained during that period that home prices were unlikely to post a significant decline nationally because housing was a local market.

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At the October 2008 Congressional hearing, when Waxman was at last able to get Greenspan to address how he had been blindsided to the epidemic of corruption building right under his nose, Greenspan replied:

In its 300 years, the United States has not seen finer heroes than Benjamin Franklin, Alan Greenspan, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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According to the Congressional Budget Office monetary policy is, “The strategy of influencing movements of the money supply and interest rates to affect output and inflation.

When Gerald Ford appointed him to the Council of Economic Advisors, Greenspan invited Rand to his swearing-in ceremony.

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Anne McElvoy investigates whether the legacy of former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan has been fairly or unfairly tarnished by the perception of his role in the financial crash. She is joined by Greenspan's biographer, Sebastian Mallaby, and by the prominent economic historian Niall Ferguson

Thus, under the gold standard, a free banking system stands as the protector of an economy's stability and balanced growth.

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Assistant Treasury Secretary Neel Kashkari, who is overseeing the $700 billion financial rescue effort that passed Congress on Oct. 3, said the administration was not only working to get federal purchases of bank stock started quickly but also the program to mop up troubled mortgage-related assets. He also said the government was working to make sure that directives in the legislation to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure were being addressed.