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Much of the criticism of Antony and Cleopatra has recycled this judgement, depicting Cleopatra as a villainess uses her eroticism and sexuality to motivate Antony to seek power....

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· An estimated one-quarter to one half of all women have suffered physical abuse.”

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Before we get into detail about the fascinating phenomenon of the Black Widow, it is worth a brief overview of women's escalating role in the world of violent crime, particularly in the United States.

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Different reiterating views of its importance and the way it should be displayed are used to reflect upon the views of women of the time and life in society in general....

- Research papers on gender norms discuss the expectations applied to men and women in a society.

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In her essay, “Mother Tongue,” author Amy Tan examines the various struggles she faces with her identity through language and the perspective American society has on Asian-American immigrants.

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The conception of power as a resource can be found in the work of someliberal feminists (Mill 1970, Okin 1989). For example, in Justice,Gender, and the Family, Susan Moller Okin argues that thecontemporary gender-structured family unjustly distributes thebenefits and burdens of familial life amongst husbands and wives. Okinincludes power on her list of benefits, which she calls“critical social goods.” As she puts it, “when welook seriously at the distribution between husbands and wives of suchcritical social goods as work (paid and unpaid), power, prestige,self-esteem, opportunities for self-development, and both physical andeconomic security, we find socially constructed inequalities betweenthem, right down the list” (Okin, 1989, 136). Here, Okin seemsto presuppose that power is a resource that is unequally and unjustlydistributed between men and women; hence, one of the goals of feminismwould be to redistribute this resource in more equitable ways.

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Similarly Iran, which had granted women suffrage in 1963 and passed numerous women’s equal rights legislation in the 70s, repealed all these gains when the revolutionary government of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini came to power in 1979. Women were eliminated from all decision-making positions within the government, dress requirements were enforced, and women’s organizations were declared corrupt and disbanded. The future looks brighter today. A growing urban, middle class is making some progress by situating women’s rights within the cultural framework of Iran, and noting that in order to modernize, Iran must improve the status of women.

- Iranian Women research papers look at the role of women in Islamic fundamentalist societies.

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Rather than offering unasked for advice, non-Muslims might educate themselves with regard to local customs and religious belief, and offer support when it is requested by people within the culture itself. Following is an excerpted essay from a section in the curriculum unit . The essay provides an historical look at Islamic dress. The section contains primary source accounts on the topic from a variety of times and places.

- Muslim societies place strict prohibitions on the conduct of women in public.

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The overall goals of hip-hop feminism are to empower black women and to create systemic change to allow for social justice, and Whitney claims that these goals are evident through history, but each group of black women finds different ways to reach these objectives....

The women, in the play Macbeth, contradict the roles set by society in 1606.

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In 1956 in Egypt, thirty-three years after feminists had first demanded suffrage, the revolutionary government granted women the right to vote. But from the start, the state and official Islam obstructed women’s political rights by banning feminist organizations and suppressing the public expression of their views. Thus the same year that the state granted women the right to vote, women were suppressed as independent political actors.