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Bartholomae has coauthored several books, including Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers (Bedford/St. Martins, 7th edition, 2005); Ways of Reading: Words and Images (Bedford/St. Martins, 2003); Reading the Lives of Others: History and Ethnography (Bedford/St. Martins, 1994); and Facts, Artifacts, Counterfacts: Reading and Writing in Theory and Practice (Heinemann, Boynton/Cook, 1986). He is the coeditor of the prize-winning University of Pittsburgh Press Series Composition, Literacy, and Culture. His articles and essays have appeared in such publications as PMLA, Critical Quarterly, and College Composition and Communication.

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So, to my objections. Really, there are two broad objections–or, perhaps I should call them complications–that I would offer. First, Bartholomae makes much (too much, I think) of convention, of making students perform, making them think and write the way that the academy–that is, Bartholomae–does. True, if one wishes to enter into a field, one is best served to become familiar with its conventions, history, and frontiers. However, there is also room for freshness, innovation, and difference. In fact, this may be the greater resource. Beyond that, our students do not all come to us as English majors, certainly not all as composition theorists. What we do, the way we do it–these need not all be their ways. Ours is not–should not be, at least, I’d argue–to teach students to emulate us. Yes, we do teach a particular mode of composition, and yes, there are conventions that come with that. At the same time, any of our students could contribute to altering those conventions–but we certainly do not treat them that way, and that’s the central problem.

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“Our students, however, must have a place to begin. They cannot sit through lectures and read textbooks and, as a consequence, write as sociologists or write literary criticism. There must be steps along the way. Some of these steps will be marked by drafts and revisions. Some will be marked by courses, and in an ideal curriculum the preliminary courses would be writing courses, whether housed in an English department or not.” (Bartholomae 645)

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Co-author, Facts, Artifacts, Counterfacts: Reading and Writing in Theory and Practice (Heinemann, Boynton/Cook: 1986).
Co-editor of the prize-winning University of Pittsburgh Press Series, Composition, Literacy and Culture.
Co-editor of The Teaching of Writing: The Eighty fifth Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education (1986)
David Bartholomae’s (1985) “Inventing the University” represents a seminal contribution to composition scholarship.

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All chapters are free to use and available under Creative Commons licences AP English Language & Composition: Example Textbook antiquity restored essays on the afterlife of the antique List: The list below anthology essays david bartholomae represents examples anthology essays david bartholomae of textbooks that meet the curricular requirements of AP English ….