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Questions after each reading prompt students to analyze each piece closely and critically, looking for how language and rhetoric are used to shape important ideas.
Thematic Conversation topics allow teachers to easily connect nonfiction to novels and plays commonly taught in American Literature
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AP English expands and develops skills in critical reading and writing about literature. Authors are chosen from the AP English Course Description for the English Literature and Composition Exam or from those appearing on previous AP Literature and Composition Exams. Works are at a reading and content level appropriate for college freshmen. The course stresses a critical awareness of genre, theme, and style, focusing on British, American and world literature. Writing assignments emphasize the refinement of personal expression and style and critical thinking at a level equivalent to composition assignments at the freshman college level. Each unit involves thematic reading of full length literary works, close reading of excerpts including close examination of authors’ style and crafts; writing exercises, including formal extended analyses, timed in-class responses, micro-essays which enable students to learn methods of analysis they will use in extended essays, and reading logs. Topics for micro-essays and timed writings are assigned; given a range of possibilities, students select the topics for their own major essays. They have a week for the first draft, with a required peer edit two days before the draft is due to the instructor. This draft is returned with the instructor’s suggestions for revision, which is due a week later to allow for writing conferences. Students may revise multiple times within the week.

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21 Chapters of Links about College Writing and Research with Videos, ap world history free essays Literature, Arguments, and Sample Papers.
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– Rhetorical Figures in Sound is a compendium of 200+ brief audio (mp3) clips illustrating 40 different figures of speech. Most of these figures were constructed, identified, and classified by Greek and Roman teachers of rhetoric in the Classical period. For each rhetorical device, definitions and examples, written and audio, are provided. Audio examples are taken from public speeches and sermons, movies, songs, lectures, oral interpretations of literature, and other media events. Some artifacts have been edited further to make the devices easier to detect. In the interest of diversity, I have included a range of voices and perspectives.
– A Glossary of Literary Terms – Robert Harris – “a writer and educator with more than 25 years of teaching experience at the college and university level.”
- Resources from College Online : A Classroom Strategy for Teaching Toulmin
– Stephen Toulmin, a modern rhetorician, believed that few arguments actually follow classical models of logic like the syllogism, so he developed a model for analyzing the kind of argument you read and hear every day–in newspapers and on television, at work, in classrooms, and in conversation.
- I now offer nearly 200 pages to help you with your mythology projects, including something like 700 pictures…and still no sign of slowing down!

– Figures of Speech from “The Simpsons”
– Correspondence deserving a wider audience

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Definition and Examples of Literary Terms

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The AP  English Literature and Composition course  aligns to an introductory college-level  literary analysis ap literature sample essays 9 course.

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