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As the same as the cosmetic surgeries there are a lot kinds of reconstructive surgeries, but the most common ones are; Blepharoplasty (reshape the appearance of the lower and upper eyelids), Ptotic Breast (consist in the reshape of one side of the breast), Mastopexy, Burn Contracture, Clef Lip And Palate (the reconstructing of the soft pallet and the upper lip), Congenital Hand, Craniosynostosis (the reshape of the cranial structure), Lump In The Neck (is a tumor located on the neck)...

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Plastic Surgery Argumentative Essay

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In the United States, there should be increased restrictions on plastic surgery because it would help people better understand the risks and stop some from taking the unnecessary surgery due to the associated health risks....

Persuasion Essay (Cosmetic Surgery) Outline

C. Credibility: Since one of my friends has undergone cosmetic surgery, and I have heard numerous of stories about cosmetic surgery I feel prepared to speak about the issue.

Teen Cosmetic Surgery is one topic that some people usually think as a positive effect in their lives.
Plastic and cosmetic surgery have become a “consumer good” and people are buying them mostly non-stop.

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