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This tour is unique, due not only to hunting for the Northern Lights, but because it teaches you how to photograph them too. It s led by photographer and veteran Aurora hunter, Andy Keen, who has an exceptional track record of spotting the world s most sought after celestial display and capturing them on camera. You won t just be sitting in one place waiting for the lights to appear; Andy uses a combination of knowledge, experience, modern technology and a network of local contacts to literally hunt for clear skies and, of course, Lady Aurora!

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In Middle-Age Europe, people believed northern lights to be reflections of dead warriors.

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Comprehensive information about the Aurora Borealis, as well as lists of Aurora Borealis resources, can be found on the University of Michigan's page and the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute's page. An impressive Northern Lights image gallery can be found at .

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Fairbanks, Alaska, is known as one of the best places in the world to see the aurora borealis. It usually appears in the sky as light green, light yellow, and pink wisps, curtains, pillars, pinwheels, and haloes of light that seem to wave and vibrate.

Like eclipses, many superstitions and myths surrounded the northern lights.

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You don t need to know your way around a camera like an expert - that s what Andy s there for, he ll be on-hand to show you all you need to know about the ins and outs of photographing the Northern Lights.

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In many areas on northern latitudes, the aurora borealis was seen as a symbol of approaching doom, and the phenomenon was regarded with fear and superstition. As a result, the aurora borealis is prevalent in folklore and myth, especially among the Inuit people who live in the high, northern latitudes. One myth says that the aurora borealis is past ancestors, while another myth says that the aurora borealis is telling stories of what happened in the past and what will happen in the future.

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Auroras occur in both hemispheres, and the aurora in the northern hemisphere is called the aurora borealis, or northern lights. The aurora borealis gets its name from the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas. The aurora borealis can often be seen on the northern horizon; it frequently appears as a reddish glow, as if the sun were rising in the wrong direction. The aurora borealis is most often seen during the months of September, October, March, and April.

The auroras of the north and south are related and named aurora borealis and aurora australis.

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They come to witness the phenomenon of the Northern Lights creating amazing patterns across the sky or the Midnight Sun and the spectacular twilights it creates.

He is a system of northern lights, an aurora borealis visible where most of us will never go.

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The magnetic fields then act as conductors, and when they reach the ionosphere, the energy is converted to light in a process called the quantum leap, resulting in the northern lights that have so fascinated people for ages.

Finally, here's our clients enjoying the Lofoten landscape filled to the starry brim with the Northern Lights!

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Taking its name from the Latin for dawn, aurora is the phenomenon of visible light being emitted by the high atmosphere, caused when charged particles emitted by the sun are deflected by the Earth’s permanent magnetic field. In Britain, aurora usually appears as a grey-white glow on the northern horizon. The terms ‘aurora borealis’ (or northern lights) and ‘aurora australis’ (or southern lights) are applied to the occurrence of aurora in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively.