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Darling and Steinberg (1993) defined parenting style as “a constellation of attitudes toward the child that are communicated to the child and that, taken together, create an emotional climate in which the parents’ behaviors have expressed.” Despite these challenges, researchers have uncovered convincing links between parenting styles and the effects these styles have on children....

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Parenting styles have been researched for many years and as research has developed it has become clear that the style of parenting employed could impact on children’s development. Although many different types of parenting style have been reviewed the main body of research regarding parent style aligns with the three styles defined by Baumrind (1978), authoritarian, permissive and authoritative. Authoritarian parents are defined as strict, expecting obedience and using punishment when children misbehave. They are not warm or responsive to the child’s need and discourage independence. Permissive parents are defined as having little control, rarely punishing or restricting the child and often allowing the child to make their own decision. Authoritative parents are defined as being warm and responsive whilst still recognising adult and child differences resulting in setting clear boundaries. Child development is a vase area of research and as a result this essay will focus on one area of child development, academic achievement with the research evaluated containing children and adolescence participants.

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The traits described in the above questions mark a healthy household with an authoritative parent. Of course, parenting styles will naturally need to differ in order to accommodate different children, and you may find that this style does not work for you if your child has behavioral problems or other traits you have difficulty handling. In this case, it is best to adjust your parenting appropriately, and to seek out help from a licensed therapist if you feel overwhelmed.

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Parenting Styles Essay -- Raising Children Authoritarian parenting styles give little to no options to a child What the parent says goes It is a rigid approach to raising children that may have been mostauthoritative parenting style essay - My opinion Mar 2014 View authoritative parenting style essay from PSYC 231 at SUNY Buffalo My opinion on parenting styles is that authoritative is the most correctFree parenting style Essays and PapersYou may also sort these by color rating or essay length They include authoritarian parenting style, permissive parenting style, and democratic parenting styleEssays on Parenting Styles and Child Development Apr 2016 Psychologists agree that authoritative parenting is the most successful of the four styles, based on the child s development and performanceThe 3 Types of Parenting Styles | LIVESTRONG COMJan 2014 For the most part, however, the way that one parents falls into one of three general parenting methods These are authoritative, authoritarianThe authoritative parenting style: A guide for the The authoritative parenting style is about setting limits, reasoning with kids, and being responsive to their emotional needs This approach is common in middleAuthoritarian, Strict Parenting Vs Find characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of parenting, authoritative vs permissive, and see how you can get the benefit of both

Also, cover some of the objections to this parenting style and address them with counter claims....

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Thus, although authoritative and authoritarian parents are equally high in behavioral control, authoritative parents tend to be low in psychological control, while authoritarian parents tend to be high.

Of the four parenting styles, two remain on opposite ends of the parenting spectrum....

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Authoritarian parenting is the next parenting style. It is also known as strict parenting, and it is both unresponsive and demanding. The central characteristic of this style is that parents expect their children to comply, and conform to every rule. This parenting style has little open communication between the parent and the child. Authoritarian parents normally require their children to follow the set rules without even a single explanation why the rules and limits are set. According to research, parents who adopt this parenting style are unresponsive to the child’s emotional needs. As a result, these children tend to display low social competence because their parents prevent them from making their own choices.