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In this scenario an Authoritarian parent would punish or yell at Bobby for not cleaning
his room but would not explain what about the room was not clean. It is
characteristic of Authoritarian parents to punish with little or no
explanation. This follows the black and white approach that these parents take,
where something is either right or wrong and there is generally no room for
reasoning as to why something happened the way it did. Punishing Bobby in this
scenario also demonstrates the strict and sometimes extreme rules and
expectations that Authoritarian parents often have. To many parents the room
would have been considered pretty clean, but to the Authoritarian parent unless
every little bit of the room is clean then the job was not done.

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The authoritarian style of parenting is control focused and militaristic in approach....

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Chris was a very good boy. He was good at studied in college and usually obeyed his instructor, but he was frequently employed to be lonely and depressing and by no means located life interesting. He had finished his graduation and acquired a great work. He acquired married and became a parent for two kids. It was usually in his mind that he should by no means treat his kids the way he had been handled. He gave sufficient importance to their feelings. He needed them to experience proud of becoming his young children. Chris was a caring father. He utilized to spend a good time with his children by taking care of them with enjoying and affection, enjoying with them on a regular basis, communicating with them and listening to them. Chris constantly felt that his children’s emotions ended up more critical than his emotions. He often gave significance to their demands and emotions a lot more than his needs. He in no way assumed his existence was crucial so he was mainly interested in his children’s requirements and gave considerable relevance to them than him. Simply because of this kind of type of parenting, he became a permissive father or mother.

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Children raised by permissive parents are more likely to be involved in problem behavior and typically perform less well in school, but not always. They tend to be friendly and sociable, but when compared to others their age they lack knowledge of appropriate behaviors for ordinary social situations and take too little responsibility for their own misbehavior. They can also be too aggressive, immature with their peers, and rather dependent. Too much freedom is developmentally inappropriate for young children, which leads to aggression. Without clear limits, children get confused, feel insecure, and can make poor choices in life.

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The authoritative parenting style: A guide for the The authoritative parenting style is about setting limits, reasoning with kids, and being responsive to their emotional needs This approach is common in middleauthoritative parenting style essay - My opinion Mar 2014 View authoritative parenting style essay from PSYC 231 at SUNY Buffalo My opinion on parenting styles is that authoritative is the most correctAuthoritarian vs Authoritative Parenting Essay - 909 Mar 2013 Free Essay: I prefer to reinforce confidence and compassion into raising my sons To do this, I have to show unconditional love and at the sameThe Only Parenting Model You Need — Developmental Jun 2015 And it works well for all different kinds of families, regardless of their ethnicity, income, education, or structure It s called authoritative parentingParenting Styles Essay -- Raising Children Authoritarian parenting styles give little to no options to a child What the parent says goes It is a rigid approach to raising children that may have been most

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Permissive parents believe that showing their child love and feeling loved, in return, is the ultimate goal in parenting. Permissive parents tend to avoid conflict at any cost. Discipline and limits are often missing from the permissive household.

Authoritarian parents demand a sort of blind, unquestioning obedience;

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There have been four styles noted and each may have differing outcomes for the children in later life: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and unengaged/uninvolved....