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The poets didn't know anything either, but at least they , under inspiration, many "fine things." Now we get to the "craftsmen" -- actually the , , the "hand-artists." We have already been told that Socrates discovered that "those who were thought to be inferior were more knowledgeable," and here we get to those who might well be "thought to be inferior." They are also, interestingly, the people of Socrates' own class.

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of professing to be seriously concerned with things about none of which he has ever cared." Socrates' examination on the first charge is directed to showing that Meletus doesn't have any ideas about education and so really hasn't thought about it.

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The following exchange is the only time that someone besides Socrates speaks in the , and it is the only example we have in this work of Socrates' method of asking questions.

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Politics in a democratic city like Athens meant participation in the Assembly (, , the origin, from a later Christian context, of the word "church"), which consisted of all the free, adult, male citizens of the city.

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What Socrates says gets him in trouble with his jury, but anyone saying similar things today -- on the "excellence (virtue, , ) of a judge" -- would receive summary jail sentences for "contempt of court" from modern judges suffering from the "insolence of office."

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If Socrates is thinking of a particular god, and he is, he never does actually the god, though later we will have no difficulty understanding who it is -- the "god at Delphi" is Apollo.

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The Greek phrase is , , "My accustomed mantic [what?] of the spiritual." is just a feminine participle, from , , "to be accustomed," where we get words like "ethos" and "ethics." "Mantic" is the Greek word, but "prophetic" or "oracular" are reasonable translations.

Or, one may decide to set an example rather than give advice, and hope that the friend will hang around and stay out of trouble that way.

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While this confirms that Socrates mentioned the Delphic answer in his speech, we may suspect from the other features -- for instance that Socrates Apollo -- that it owes more to Xenophon's imagination than to a reliable account, especially when Xenophon does not use it to explain Socrates' investigation, but instead merely as an example of the pious consulting oracles, in defense of Socrates' piety.

This is an important point when Socrates is still being accused of being an enemy of the democracy and a partisan of Sparta.

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The connection was that the Greeks came to think of human virtue or excellence as , since the life of the Greek city (, ) seemed about the most noble activity for human participation -- a formula that excluded women from human excellence, since women were largely excluded from politics.