Beowulf, from the Anglo-Saxon epic, is an epic hero.

Like all epic poems Beowulf is a long narrative work that tells the adventures of a great hero and also reflects the values of the society in which it was written.

Beowulf is an example of an epic hero because he is brave.

When Beowulf sailed with his men to Herot he had one goal, to rid the hall of Grendal.

The Dragon section displays many of Beowulf’s heoric characteristics.

Praised and admired by many people, Beowulf possesses several distinct traits that allow him to be defined perfectly as an ideal Anglo-Saxon hero; his eagerness to seek glory and fame, rather than richness and treasures, his loyalty and graceful attitude not only to his rulers but also to his followers, and his contradictory beliefs of faith and fate In the Anglo-Saxon society, an ideal hero does not seek riches of gold and treasures; instead, he seeks fame and glory through his accomplishments....

Beowulf is the perfect example of an Anglo-Saxon hero.

In the novel Beowulf the epic hero Beowulf shows characteristics of courage, physical strength, loyalty, self-confidence, and wisdom, much like heroes today.

In literature Beowulf is, perhaps, the perfect example of an Anglo-Saxon hero.

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Armed only with his strong belief in the goodness of the Lord Beowulf attacks the evil Grendel (“enemy of god” according to page 37) and displays his awesome strength.

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This shows that Beowulf has a lot of courage.
Beowulf risks his life for the greater good of his people and his kingdom
Brave deeds
Beowulf swims against Brecca.

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Beowulf has all the characteristics of a warrior and is still noted as being "The mildest of men and the gentlest, kindest to his people, and most eager for fame" (Beowulf, 52).

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Beowulf establishes himself as a hero by fighting the dragon, exemplifing strength and courage when fighting the dragon, and sacrificing himself so that others can live....

In Beowulf, the Anglo-Saxon hero is well defined by the actions of Beowulf.

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The heroic traits of the literary characters in Beowulf, "The Wanderer," "Dream of the Rood," and The 13th Warrior both define and set the standard for the Anglo-Saxon hero.

Up until the end of Beowulf’s life he was constantly looking to be the hero.

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Beowulf is described as having the strength of "thirty men" in just one of his arms, and when he first arrives in the land of the Danes, the coastguard sees the mighty hero and says, "I have never seen a mightier warrior on earth than is one of you, a man in battle-dress" (Beowulf, 7).

The epic poem Beowulf describes the most heroic man of the Anglo-Saxon times.

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