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Third, should educational programs at the elementary and secondarylevels be made up of a number of disparate offerings, so thatindividuals with different interests and abilities and affinities forlearning can pursue curricula that are suitable? Or should everystudent pursue the same curriculum as far as each is able—acurriculum, it should be noted, that in past cases nearly always wasbased on the needs or interests of those students who were academicallyinclined or were destined for elite social roles. Mortimer Adler andothers in the late twentieth century sometimes used theaphorism “the best education for the best is the best educationfor all”.

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The following points may be useful for defining Educational Goals based on the second approach:

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The issue of what should be taught to students at all levels ofeducation—the issue of curriculum content—obviously is afundamental one, and it is an extraordinarily difficult one with whichto grapple. In tackling it, care needs to be taken to distinguishbetween education and schooling—for although education can occurin schools, so can mis-education, and many other things can take placethere that are educationally orthogonal (such as the provision of freeor subsidized lunches, or the development of social networks); and italso must be recognized that education can occur in the home, inlibraries and museums, in churches and clubs, in solitary interactionwith the public media, and the like.

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The final complexity in the debates over the nature of educationalresearch is that there are some respected members of the philosophy ofeducation community who claim, along with Carr, that “the formsof human association characteristic of educational engagement are notreally apt for scientific or empirical study at all” (Carr2003, 54–5). His reasoning is that educational processes cannot bestudied empirically because they are processes of “normativeinitiation”—a position that as it stands begs the questionby not making clear why such processes cannot be studiedempirically. (For a more thorough treatment of the philosophicalcontroversies concerning empirical educational research cf. Phillips2009.)

I feel that a career in education has much to offer, both personally and professionally.
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Reviewing your goals daily is a crucial part of your success and must become part of your routine. Each morning when you wake up read your list of goals that are written in the positive. Visualize the completed goal, see the new home, smell the leather seats in your new car, feel the cold hard cash in your hands. Then each night, right before you go to bed, repeat the process. This process will start both your subconscious and conscious mind on working towards the goal. This will also begin to replace any of the negative self-talk you may have and replace it with positive self-talk.

My educational goals will focus on my development plans and future education.

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I believe that your school , which has a strong tradition of integrating liberal and professional education, can hone the skills I need as a businessman. I strongly feel I can develop into a good manager, but first I need to gain a solid understanding of principles for business administration. The courses lined up in the Business Administration program are all useful and aligned with my career goals.

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In order to gain advantage over others, one would strive to get as much education as possible, which is different than the goals of social efficiency or democratic equality.