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I have to confess, this is my first time seeing the musical version of Billy Elliot. I liked the indie film when it came out in 2000, and I wasn’t in a hurry to see it homogenized, in the way I imagined it would have to be, in order to compete with the big Disney musicals on Broadway. This turns out to have been completely wrongheaded of me. There are certainly tonal and narrative departures in the adaptation from film to stage, but the heart and spirit of the material is not just intact, it is thriving.

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In this research paper I will analyse various roles in the family and the relationships of the characters in Billy Elliot during era of Thatcherism.

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Through both of these text the requirements are also shown for individuals to move on to phase to phase, thus this demonstrating the difficult nature of the path to progress to newer phases explicitly describing description as a difficult task. These requirements include standing up for personal thoughts, this is demonstrated in terms of Billy as although society refuses his patient for dancing due traditions of masculinity and gender expectations, his loves for dancing allows him to remain determined to achieve his goal shown by the private lesson in the gym with Mrs Wilkinson and his dance seen on front of his father prior to Jackie’s break down scene resulting in the entering of his new phase in life at the 'Royal Ballet School'. Thus, this also showing the need to remain determined as well as brave to overcome barrier as shown in the scene of Jackie on the way back to work on the bus, with the strikers yelling 'scabs, scabs, scabs..!!" demonstrates the possible harsh nature of transition further reinforced with the shot of the throwing of objects at the bus which in turns delivers the message of the need for courage. Sacrifice is also shown to be a major factor as not only does a lot of time and effort is required in Billy's case, but Jackie also sacrifices his deceased wife's jewellery which represents itself as a major sacrifice as he is seen as being discomfort. Thus , from this it also draws out the mental test which transition creates building an emotional response which is reinforced by the context of the film.

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Mass effect 3 belonging; class notes photos; billy elliot. Doc n a as part of your response to this module, you will be expected to have a knowledge of your core text billy elliot as well as additional text that also explore ideas. This student studied: hsc year english as a embo 232; leader mondiale e innovatore riconosciuto della tecnologia degli impianti frenanti a disco.

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Ironically, it is by becoming home that Billy Ultimately finds a sense of belonging to a place and to significant people in his new life, especially a man called Old Bill who Billy had met when settling into his new home in carriage 1864. Old Bill is homeless like Billy, he has lost his sense of belonging to anyone or anything due to the tragic events of his past. The deaths of his wife and daughter have left him, jobless, homeless and alone. He is dependent on alcohol to remove any feelings or thoughts about belonging. The experiences of Old Billy show us just how important belonging is to human existence. Old Bill finds hope again through watching others find a connection. Not just through his relationship with Billy, but also because of the romantic connection between Caitlin and Billy. His observation of “Billy kissing his girl Caitlin” and his experiences at Caitlin’s dinner party help to remind Old Bill about how it feels to belong to people. By not selling his house on Wellington Road, he instead helps Billy to stay in Bandarat by giving him the house and he ensures that it provides him with a continuing sense of belonging to both Billy and to the memories of his wife and daughter. By watching Caitlin and Billy demonstrate the

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The lack of background sound highlights the tension as Billy squirms uncomfortably under the question of the examiners. Although Billy tries to decrease the sense of alienation by having a deep sigh, it does not help at all as we can see his brows are knitted throughout the audition. As we can see, the sense of not belonging causes the feeling of alienation, which is presented in both texts. A sense of not belonging can also be presented as misunderstanding between people. During one of the setbacks of “Billy Elliot”, Ms. Wilkinson comes to Billy’s house to ask for the reason why he missed the audition.