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Although there are other reasons a student may choose to binge drink, the influence of friends, the lack of outside control and the denial of drinking-related problems are the main forces driving the need to consume alcohol to the point of physical harm.

Binge drinking susceptible to this damaging effect of alcohol.

Binge drinking has become an accepted part of the college experience for many students.

so this is often a side effect for those who binge drink regularly.

The topic of lowering the drinking age to eighteen in the United States is very debatable subject because many people have a difficult time deciding which side to support.

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Proponents argue “The current underage drinking law of 21, has not stopped teen drinking, and has instead pushed underage binge drinking into private and less controlled environments, leading to more health and life-endangering behavior by teens” (ProCon, 2012, para....

Binge drinking differs from  because it is not a physical dependency on alcohol.

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National surveys reveal that one in six adults consumes eight or more drinks about four times a month. This affirms that people tend to binge drink maybe once a week, most likely on weekends. About 92% of adults in the United States will have binge drank at least once in the past month.

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It doesn’t take you much to pass the .08 BAC threshold. This is the legal driving limit in the United States. It could take as little as two drinks depending on your age, gender, weight, genetics, and tolerance. defines a drink as: one 12-oz. beer, one 5-oz. glass of wine, one 1.5 oz. shot of distilled spirits. The CDC describes binge drinking as consuming 4 or 5 drinks over the course of 2 hours (4 for women, 5 for men).

Nearly half of all college drinkers are binge drinkers

Many people associate health deterioration with alcoholism. It is not universally known that binge drinking can also affect your health. While some affects may seem minor they can still have an impact on your life. Such minor affects are usually the result of a hangover. Most of us have experienced the headaches, nausea, dizziness, loss of coordination, fatigue, shakiness, and sweats that accompany a hangover. These are all not enjoyable but are over fairly quickly, depending on your age and tolerance. Some may take a few hours, some all day or more. Harmless right?

The definition of binge drinking for men is consuming eight or more units in a single session

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Once students have an established binge drinking habit, they do not want to believe that something that helps them forget their responsibilities could be harmful.

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Not necessarily. They are harmless until they start affecting your life. If you binge drink once a week and call out from work for the hangover, alcohol is then affecting your life. It can also cause you to miss out on other things you enjoy doing, such as hobbies and spending time with family and friends. If you do not allow this to become a pattern, than it won’t run your life. Other minor affects that happen while intoxicated include loss of memory and impaired decision making ability. This can lead to bad decision making such as or acts of violence.

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While binge drinking is probably the most common form of drinking (it is responsible for the consumption of about 50% of alcohol drank), it is not always acknowledged. People don’t tend to recognize it as a form of alcohol abuse because of its commonality. It occurs mostly on weekends. This is when most people participate in binge drinking. Normally people don’t go out and drink heavily during the week because they have work.