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All living organisms require a source of nitrogen from which to manufacture proteinsnucleic acids and other nitrogen containing compounds. One of the largest cycles that occur all around us is in everyday life is the carbon cycle. There exist numerous cycles in the realms of biologyeach of which play a crucial role in the continued survival of living organisms biology unit essay cycles geometry. A cycle is a series of events repeated in the same order. One cycle which is part of the ecosystem is the water cycle. A large proportion of it is found dissolved in the oceans as well as the atmosphere. This is cyclic as nitrogen is returned to the nonliving component of the ecosystem. When these organisms diethey are digested by microorganisms known as decomposers bacteria and fungiwhen these decomposers feed on the dead organism it is called saprobiotic nutrition. The sun heats water in oceans and seas and water evaporates as water vapour into the air. Main source of carbon for plants is CO2 from the. This is how carbon is moved up the food chain by consumption from producer to primary consumer. These compounds include glucose and ultimately the polysaccharides starch and cellulose.

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You should try questioning what you state in your Biology essay from as many angles as possible.

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AP biology cycles essay Biology Essay Questions The following is a prehensive list of essay questions that have been asked on past AP exams.

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1) homeostasis
2) digestion and absorption
3) cells
4) lung function
5) gas exchange
6) passage of water through plants
7) nutrient cycles
8) responses to stimuli
9) neurones
10) temperature control
11) tissue fluid + formation
12)control of blood glucose concentration
13) negative feedback
14) gene expression
essay 2: how energy is transferred within and between organisms
1) Photosynthesis
2) energy transfer through ecosystems
3) food production
4) digestion
5) absorption
6) mass transport
7) respiration
8) ATP
9) stimuli and responses
10) muscle contraction
11) nerve impulses
essay 1: The membranes of different types of cells are involved in many different functions
1) membrane function as selectively pemeable barrier
2) transport mechanisms across membranes
3) absorption and co-transport of sodium ions and glucose
4) photosynthesis,chloroplasts, thylakoids
5) respiration, mitochondrion and cristae
6) protein secretion, RER, SER, golgi
7) surface receptors, antigen and immune response
8) cell division
9) vertical and horizontal transmission
10) pacinian corpuscle
11) tropisms
12) nerve impulses-action potentials
13) synaptic transmissions
14) muscle contraction (Ca2+ ions movement)
15) hormones
16) osmosis-including water transport
in plants

essay 2: write about the many different types of relationships and interactions between organisms
1) Pathogens and effects on host
2) cholera
3) Tuberculosis
4) taxonomy
5) classification and evolution
6) inheritance and evolution
7) genetic code
8) behaviour
9) populations and evolution
10) relationships within ecosystems eg predator/prey
11) energy transfer in ecosystems
12) nutrient cycles
13) succession/biodiversity
14) human impacts on the environment
15) gene technology/GMO and selective breeding
16) antibiotic resistance
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essay 1: The importance of shapes fitting together in cells and organisms
1) enzyme properties and digestion
2) protein structure
3) plasma membrane structure and cell transport
4) antigens, antibodies, B cells and T cells
5) vaccines
6) structure of DNA
7) DNA replication
8) Transcription and translation
9) transcriptional factors
10) restriction enzymes
11) haemoglobin
12) action potentials and synaptic transmission
13) muscle contraction
14) control of blood glucose concentration
15) control of mammalian oestrous cycle
essay 2: how bacteria affects the lives of humans and other organisms
1) pathogens
2) lactose intolerance
3) cholera
4) tuberculosis
5) resistance (antibiotics)
6) carbon cycle
7) nitrogen cycle
8) eutrophication
9) use of bacterial enzymes
10) use of bacterial plasmids
11) use of bacteria to produce useful chemicals
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essay 1: using DNA in science and technology

1) structure of DNA
2) differences in DNA lead to genetic diversity
3) comparisons of DNA base sequences
4) DNA hybridisation
5) plasmids
6) the use of recombinant DNA to produce transformed organisms that benefit humans
7) cell cycle and treatment of cancer
8) gene therapy
9) medical diagnosis and treatment of human disease
10) use of DNA probes to screen patients for clinically important genes
essay 2: a cycle is a biological pathway or process in which the end of one cycle becomes the starting point of the next cycle.

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