Veraswami, into the social club.

U Po Kyin, jealous of
Veraswami's freindship with the "white man" is set on ruining both Flory and Veraswami for he should be the one considered for the prestigus club.

flory will stop at nothing till he is.

However, this deed was very hard to complete because of the racial bounderies.

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In the time since 2009 Ang San Su Kyi is now free and the country is moving closer to social, political and economic freedom. I was a little more nervous visiting this time though because I was the group leader for this stop on the Pocari Sweat Tour and with 2 of the university reps being new to the country I wanted to make sure the city was worthwhile for their institutions. I was also eager for them to see this beautiful land and people the way I do.

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A wonderful family I know from some connections with my alma mater helped set us up with a great driver for the 2 days we’d be there. He was there at the airport waiting for us, smiling as we piled into his van. We spent a lot of time with Khro Say and even though he didn’t speak much English, he was a new member of our tour group for a short time. I really packed a crazy schedule in to our time in Myanmar but we did make time for a quick 1 hour stop at the main Pagoda in Yangon.

The docter thought of the club as "fortress impregnable" pg 150 and mr.

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In Orwell’s day, Burma was ruled from Calcutta, and thus for all practical purposes was a part of British India. He served there, mostly unhappily, as a policeman in the 1920s, and never returned. Emma Larkin’s lively and trenchant 2006 travel narrative Finding George Orwell in Burma relieved me of any desire to track his faint footsteps through the posts where he served before he departed Burma with nary a look back in 1927.

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I wasn’t looking for George Orwell in Burma, but he was on my mind during the two weeks that I spent in what is now Myanmar this past summer. Given the very short shelf of good books on that country – travel and research were curtailed after the military coup of 1962 – Orwell’s Burmese Days, written in 1934, remains virtually unavoidable for the visitor.

Hence, he will stop at nothing to cross the thick racial barrier that consist over the entire town.

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At the end ofthe novel, riots, suicide, and mourning are the result from U Po Kyin.

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:  – perhaps the authors of the source material that I use are confused too.

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Frankly, I wasn’t eager to reread it. I had last read Burmese Days more than 40 years ago, and remembered little of it beyond the sour impression of annoying people stuck in a boring enclave in the middle of a jungly nowhere. Back then, in 1970, I was knocking around Asia with a rucksack filled with books, a distaste for schedules, a masochistic penchant for third-class travel, and a newly discovered fascination with the vestiges of the British empire, whose ghostly beauty I found in overgrown graveyards, haphazardly maintained churches, and the swaggeringly eclectic architecture of crumbling public buildings whose decay mocked the triumphal self-confidence of imperial destiny. I’m not sure what I expected from Burmese Days, but it didn’t turn out to be the nostalgic paean to the glamour of bygone empire that I had hoped for.