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They are a relatively low cost way to amortize largerpurchases overa 1-3 month period, especially if writing a check would deplete yoursavingsaccount. These should be purchases that are necessary, unusual, andthatyou don't expect to repeat during the time that you are paying for thatpurchase. Good examples: tires; brake job. Bad examples: groceries;mealsout; books. Yes, the interest rate is high, but if you have somethingthatyou truly need, use the credit card to finance it over a short periodoftime. Yes, 18% APR over three months will be about 4.5% that you arepayingfor that purchase. If you can pay cash or check, all the better. But ifpaying by cash or check means that you have $28 left in savings, itmightbe better to pay the interest, and keep your savings account a littlehealthierto cushion any surprises that come along.

I pulled into a small parking lot to see what was wrong.

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The cap apparently wasn’t on tight in the first place, so when I went

I still think that people in their 20s should be investingprimarilyin stock growth funds--but I would emphasize growth funds that buystocksin blue chip companies--the kind that pay dividends; not the funds thatinvest in companies that have never made any money, but that everyoneknowsare going to be worth a lot one of these days. Yeah, those days of hightech companies losing piles of money while their stock rises 800% ayearwill come again--but it seems like a pretty risky thing to put muchmoneyinto. This isn't play money; you are going to need this to pay for yourhealth insurance in 30 years.

The control was great and every thing else was great.

I am about 15 years away (have since retired) from the magic age where I expect tostartusing some of that 401(k) money, so I have been allocating my newcontributionsto medium-term bond funds--funds that invest in corporate andgovernmentalbonds that will come due roughly when I will start to draw down on thatmoney--and very conservative stock growth funds (the kind thatemphasizestocks that pay a regular dividend). I generally leave money that isalreadyin existing funds in place, .

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The Great Awakening of Dana Rohrabacher’s Orange Coast District

Restaurants: ditto. If it's really necessary to eat out, hitthe fastfood places until your financial woes are resolved--and then go for thesmallest and cheapest item that will fill you up. It's amazing how manyadults are still eating like they did as teenagers. My son is 15, andlikemost teenaged boys, he can go through a truly astonishing quantity offood,and still be thin as a rail. I was like that....long, long ago in agalaxyfar, far away. At 15, Supersizing the Big Mac Value Meal may benecessaryto keep from eating the upholstery in the car; at 25, it's just wastingmoney, and contributing to long-term weight and health problems. If you doubt this, letme introduce you to the myocardical infarction (technical term for a heart attack) I hadat 57, followed by a stroke after they cleaned the plaque out of the clogged artery.

3. didn't see a profit coming anytime soon;

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My “chauffeur” wished it was his car because he hated his weak little Pontiac.

"That's the dog's psychiatrist."

This leads us to the concept of "yield to maturity" (YTM). Ifyou buythat $1000 par value bond for $1300, but it pays 7.5% of the par valueeach year, how much will you make on this bond, including both dividendpayments, and the change in value of the bond from now to when it isredeemed?This is the annualized YTM--the yield divided by the numbers of yearsleft.(Watch carefully--you will sometimes see YTM listed for a bond that hasless than a year left. This may not be the annualized yield tomaturity.)

: This technique is residents are living make for an where the government is usually painless.

"You're about to go into bankruptcy. Get rid of the dog!"

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Now that you know a little more about Sudoku, play and enjoy this free online game.

3. They are a staging area to bigger forms of wealth--likehouses.

Learn to distinguish "need" from "want." Shelter, food,transportation to work and school are needs. Vacation, pets, fancy cars, entertainmentequipment, a health club, and yes, dog psychiatrists, are wants.