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Why does We deserve its Number 21 ranking? Because without Yevgeny Zamyatin's novel, there would be no 1984 and no Brave New World. At least, not as we know them. Come to think of it, there would also be no horrifically low-brow reality television shows spanning Europe, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and America. I think I've just made the first case for why three of the most famous books in literature and science fiction and dystopias should never have been written.

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 In Brave New World, there is definitely a caste system of community members.

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Huxley shows that the government recognizes the dangers of
negative emotions when the controller states, "Actual happiness always looks
pretty squalid in comparison with the over-compensations for misery" (150).

Once individuality and emotions have been eliminated in Brave New World, the
chain of dehumanization next enters into the field of art and personal

Best known for his novels including brave new world, set in a.

He integrated aspects of India’s caste system, the wide acceptance of totalitarianism control in Fascist Italy, and the influence of consumerism on American culture into his novel to act as social critiques of these societies by satirically portraying a dystopian world as a “Utopia”.

In Brave New World, society is completely controlled by their government, the leader of which being Mustapha Mond.

The characters in Brave New World do not know the meaning of the word love.

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In this Utopia, what would be considered true love for one person
in today's world would lead to neurotic passions and the establishment of
family life, both of which would interfere with the community and stability.

Fan states that, "In Brave New World people embrace their oppression
willingly " (1).

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The majority of the people in India were not fighting the caste system because it was tradition and played a major part in their religious beliefs (Encyclopedia Britannica). In Brave New World, the classes are happy to be what they are; they have no jealously towards each other.

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The police make sure that everyone is following the rules set out by the government; the characters in Brave New World must follow rules set by their government or they will be subject to “therapy” or conditioning.

In Brave New World, sex and violence are portrayed as the two extremes of passion.

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Huxley explains
this phenomenon in Brave New World Revisited:

Non-stop distraction of the most
fascinating nature are deliberately
used as instruments of policy, for
the purpose of preventing people
from paying too much attention to
the realities of the social and
political situation (45).

In addition to the entertainment created by the government, there is a
powerful drug called soma.

Since no one in Brave New World can create or express emotions, individual expression is retarded.

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Thody states that the people of
Brave New World " are refused any opportunity to plan their own property,
change their role, rank or employment in society.

Brave New World and The Giver are wonderful works of art that are extremely close in storylines.

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The difference is that Nineteen Eighty-four does their brainwashing by torture and fear and Brave New World does it by making happy by letting them have whatever they want.