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Educational campaigns can also be held when the public health staff collaborates with State departments. These campaigns can be used to educate the youth about the dangers of involvement in school violence. Violence can also be cut by involving the community, family and students. Preventive programs like those that prevention and anger management has far better results than the electronic means like video surveillance cameras and metal detectors. This form of comprehensive prevention has been highly effective. With this method, school suspensions have dropped by 35%. Another comprehensive approach has begun to appear like the most suitable method to address complexity of emotional and behavioral problems successfully. This approach prescribes three levels of intervention.

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In this essay we will cover one of the main causes of divorce and one of the main effects....

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It is important to study the main causes of this violence. Even thought there is no main cause of school violence, and that the wide reasons are complex and varied, we have some possible causes of school violence, which include overcrowded schools, gang activity, drugs, domestic abuse, anger issues and depression among others. Other psychological reasons may involve poor self-esteem and love affairs gone sore. The conflict theory can explain some of the conflicts associated with school violence. The conflict theory put emphasis on material, political and social inequalities as the source of such violence. Students who come from poor economic backgrounds may feel inferior and in order to prove themselves to the well-endowed students may become physically violent. This may explain some of the major school violence exhibited in mixed race schools. According to a fact sheet on school violence (centers for disease control and prevention), the following facts are associated with school violence.

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It is likely for a student to engage in violence in cases whereby his/her parents are constantly fighting at home, or may be using abusive language. This is because the student sees this as something of the ordinary. Another factor that may encourage school violence is whereby there is easy availability of weapons. Children may purchase these weapons cheaply and use them in acts of bullying. In serious cases, students may even use these weapons to kill other people. An example of this is the Virginia Tech massacre, which involved a senior level undergraduate student who killed 32 people before committing suicide. The main cause of the student’s action was severe anxiety disorder and a major depression disorder. Depression and anxiety is therefore a contributing factor to this violence. This occurs when the student is experiencing severe depression. He/she expresses this condition through violence in form of bullying, theft or rape among others.

That is, they begin with a topic sentence and this sentence is folCause and effect is something everyone learns in elementary school.
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80 Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics – Students’ Choice