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"The idea of being a counselor has always appealed to me, but I don’t know if I have the right personality for the job. What are the ideal personality characteristics of a counselor? What makes someone a good counselor?"

Ten Characteristics of a Good Teacher (PDF), by P. Miller, 1987

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Voice and tone are the expression of the writer's personality through words. These traits create the way writing feels to someone when reading or listening, and it's how we establish trust. Our tone should match our audience (formal or chatty), platform (research journal or Twitter), and subject (obituary or new client win). .

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To what extent personality factors relate to teaching effectiveness has been the topic of numerous empirical studies. Weinstein (1998) conducted a study which identified 10 characteristics “good teachers” were thought to have (as cited in Brown & Rodgers, 2002, p. 153). Seven out of the ten characteristics related to personality. The Weinstein study found personality factors like patience, warmth, creativity, humor, and outgoingness to be indicative of effective teaching.

In essence these types of leaders are very ineffective in what they do.

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This essay will examine the definition of counselling, determine the necessary skills needed in order to be effective, explore the counselling process and consider the ethics and values defined within the framework of professional therapy.

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The characteristics of an effective school such as its optimal size, good leadership, high collective efficacy in teachers, teachers involving students in learning activities and lessons, frequent assessment of st...

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There is really no “secret” recipe to being the perfect teacher, nor is being perfect even realistic. As you read through my list of top 10 characteristics and the lists of others who have come before me, I encourage you to reflect on what you feel constitutes effectiveness with your students and in your particular educational context. There is probably no teacher out there who is uniformly strong in all areas. Like me, you will recognize your strengths and you will probably take note of some areas that need work. This reflective self-evaluation is, I feel, yet another essential characteristic of effectiveness. Indeed, the most important characteristics of effective teaching might not appear on any list.

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In this essay I will focus on the events surrounding the regulation of Alar (diaminozide) up to and including 1985, as a case-study of knowledge and decision-making amidst uncertainty (418-19).

Therefore, charisma is an essential characteristic of charismatic leadership.

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INSPIRE The nature of an effective leader is to portray self-confidence, integrity, enthusiasm, courage, moral commitment, emotional connection, and drive, as well as having an optimistic point of view....

I’ve spent some time this semester asking the people who I considered to be great school leaders what are the characteristics of a good Leader.

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This essay will explore the topic of the characteristics of school environments that promote positive student outcomes and the studies that suggest the importance of these characteristics....