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Hie Liz,
I just want to ask whether we can add another body paragraph for the opposite opinion, to mention what the others argue with its reason. This is suggested by our teacher but m not sure about it. Please help.

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If i totally agree with an essay topic can i still take a stance in introductory paragraph that i will discuss contradictory opinion ( which is already mentioned in the question) in subsequest body paragragh?

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One question: My understanding is that to achieve a high score (above 7 ) for writing 2 you should provide good examples. I was wondering if it is OK to make up those examples, citing fake research or fake news. Thanks 🙂

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You will not get a high score if you have good examples. In fact, you don’t need to give examples. You will not get a high score because your give statistics or because your examples come from research. None of that will change your score. Why? Because giving examples is not a requirement of any band score. You need to explain and expand ideas – nothing more. If you want to give an example, give it but it won’t boost your score.

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Today I practised on an agree/disagree essay on IELTS 11 book. The topic was: “Governments should spend money on railways rather than roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?”.
Besides paraphrasing the information given, when I stated my opinion I also presented my main ideas in brief. So, my thesis statement was:

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You are exactly right. It is asking for your opinion. You decide your opinion, state it in the introduction and then explain it in the body paragraphs.

(Pronouns have apostrophes only when two words are being shortened into one.)

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Hi Liz, hello I hope you could give me your opinion on this. I just took the Ielts last week. I think I did well on the 3 others except for writing, they ask me to agree or disagree, I don’t know what I was thinking on giving my opinion but I did not agree nor agree to the statement but rather gave a balance opinion. Do you think they would give an acceptable score for the writing task 2? Thanks

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“In my opinion, I absolutely agree that expenditures on railways would be more beneficial, as trains are environmentally friendly, do not contribute to traffic congestion and reduce travel costs”. I included them in the conclusion as well using different words, of course. Is that a right thing to do, or do I need just to say if I agree or disagree? Thanks in advance.