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However, there is another male figure in Cinderella’s life: the prince. On one hand, the story seems to be telling the reader, especially if the reader is a girl or young woman, that people do not always need others to help them. Some people need to be independent and retain their values no matter what happens in their lives. But, on the other hand, the story also seems to indicate that women do need men. The story seems to say to women, “don’t worry, even if the male figure in your life is not very good to you, there will be another, better, one right around the corner.”

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In other words, in Cinderella, the main theme may be that God ensures that good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. This would explain both Cinderella’s happy ending and her stepsisters’ blindness at the end. Cinderella and the birds, then, would not represent any one person or being necessarily, but Cinderella would be a sort of role model to show young women and girls to keep their self-esteem high even when the odds looked stacked against you, while the birds represent nature, as controlled by God. It is certainly an optimistic tale for the good and a pessimistic one for the wicked.

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Birds, the apparent source of Cinderella’s power, play a prominent role in this story. They not only grant Cinderella anything that she wishes, but they take it upon themselves to seek revenge on Cinderella’s stepsisters for their misdeeds against Cinderella. It seems as if the birds were playing God. But I do not think that that is the intended relationship between the birds and God, or another higher power. Rather, it seems that the birds represent nature and nature represents God. That is, God controls nature and since the birds are part of nature God controls the birds. It seems a bit spiteful of God, though, to have the birds peck the eyes out of Cinderella’s stepsisters. Then again, the birds may represent the God of the Old Testament, while Cinderella represents the God of the New Testament, or Jesus. This is a reasonable guess at the intentions of the Grimms, but it may just be that the Grimms are showing two sides of the same God.

However, Dick's favorites were his cinderellas, the stamps that are not listed in the regular stamp catalogues.
This reflects that Adeline Yen Mah is an unloved child. A rejected child is presented in the novel Chinese Cinderella.

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Cinderella’s humility is shown in what she asked her father for when he went to the fair. Cinderella’s step sisters asked for a dress and jewelry. But Cinderella, likely not wanting to put any sort of burden on her father, simply asked for a twig. This reinforces the notion that Cinderella is trying to be good, whether just out of the nature of herself or because her mother told her to be. It is likely because her mother told her to be good because just after she receives her twig, Cinderella takes it to her mother’s grave and plants it there. The twig represents a lot of value to Cinderella, as it seems to symbolize her innocence and humility. It would later become a very valuable twig as it grows into a tree that makes whatever Cinderella wishes for come true. It is difficult to tell exactly what set of values that Cinderella promoting here. Still, humility is a Christian value. According to Rushing, “humility is a crucial political virtue that fortifies us and helps us resist disillusionment”. Then again, it is a virtue of many religions and moral theories.

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Things get bad for Cinderella at this point. Her father moves on to another wife and she is left with two stepsisters who treat her poorly. But, as it turns out, if she remains pious and good, then all will turn out well for her. This may be a self-esteem message to girls or young women. The idea is that staying good to oneself, or to a God or other spiritual being, then one will be rewarded, either by a supreme being or by the world itself. It happened to work out for Cinderella.

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Cinderella forgives her wicked stepsisters, and they all live happily ever after.
Helper: Fairy Godmother
Slippers: Glass slippers
Fate of Step Sisters: She forgives them and marries them off to wealthy noblemen.
The fact that fairy tales are often used to teach or to express the beliefs of a specific society or audience helps the reader understand how this fairytales demonstrate different gender roles, values, tradition all depending on the society in which the story is being written.