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When the War ended, Wiener wrote the book Cybernetics (1948)in which he described his new branch of applied science and identifiedsome social and ethical implications of electronic computers. Twoyears later he published The Human Use of Human Beings(1950), a book in which he explored a number of ethical issues thatcomputer and information technology would likely generate. The issuesthat he identified in those two books, plus his later book God andGolem, Inc. (1963), included topics that are still importanttoday: computers and security, computers and unemployment,responsibilities of computer professionals, computers for persons withdisabilities, information networks and globalization, virtualcommunities, teleworking, merging of human bodies with machines, robotethics, artificial intelligence, computers and religion, and a numberof other subjects. (See Bynum 2000, 2004, 2005, 2008a, 2008b.)

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Prerequisites: CMSC 150 and CMIS 242. A study of user-defined data structures and object-oriented design in computer science. The aim is to develop secure Java programs. Topics include linked lists, stacks, queues, arrays, maps, vectors, and trees. Algorithms that perform sorting, searching, and recursion are discussed and analyzed.

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Prerequisite or corequisite: MATH 140. A survey of fundamental mathematical concepts relevant to computer science. The objective is to address problems in computer science. Proof techniques presented are those used for modeling and solving problems in computer science. Discussion covers functions, relations, infinite sets, and propositional logic. Topics also include graphs and trees, as well as selected applications. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: CMSC 150 or CMSC 250.

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It is obvious that before one can do creative science and engineering,one must have some technical knowledge of facts, laws, and methods(e.g., study of physics, chemistry, calculus, differential equations,statistics, computer programming, etc.).

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Unless otherwise specified by the individual professor, the work you do in Computer Science courses is expected to be the result of your individual effort - the use of a computer in no way modifies the normal standards of the above Code. You may discuss work with other students, and give or receive "consulting" help from other students, but such permissible cooperation should never involve one student having in his or her possession a copy of all or part of another student's assignment - regardless of whether that copy is on paper, on a computer disk, or in a computer file. This implies that there is no legitimate reason to send a copy of a program from one computer account to another, or to be logged-on to another student's account.

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In the United States, rapid growth occurred in information andcomputer ethics beginning in the mid-1980s. In 1987 the ResearchCenter on Computing & Society was founded at Southern ConnecticutState University. Shortly thereafter, the Director (the presentauthor) joined with Walter Maner to organize “the NationalConference on Computing and Values” (NCCV), funded byAmerica’s National Science Foundation, to bring togethercomputer scientists, philosophers, public policy makers, lawyers,journalists, sociologists, psychologists, business people, andothers. The goal was to examine and push forward some of the majorsub-areas of information and computer ethics; namely, computersecurity, computers and privacy, ownership of intellectual property,computing for persons with disabilities, and the teaching of computerethics. More than a dozen scholars from several different disciplinesjoined with Bynum and Maner to plan NCCV, which occurred in August1991 at Southern Connecticut State University. Four hundred peoplefrom thirty-two American states and seven other countries attended;and the conference generated a wealth of new computer ethics materials– monographs, video programs and an extensive bibliography– which were disseminated to hundreds of colleges anduniversities during the following two years.