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Experience in developing practice guidelines for hemophilia treatment and blood transfusion is an important element of preparedness for future threats to the blood supply. There are now well-established processes such as those recommended by the IOM Committee to Advise the Public Health Service on Practice Guidelines (IOM 1990, 1992) and used by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (1989) uses another system process. Guideline developers should perform a thorough literature search, identify well-designed studies, describe fully the evidence on harms and benefits, and explain the connection between the evidence and the recommendations. They should seek critical evaluation from a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations and should periodically reexamine the recommendations in the light of changing knowledge.

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By January 1983, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had accumulated enough epidemiological evidence to conclude that the agent causing AIDS was almost certainly transmitted through blood and blood products and could be sexually transmitted to sexual partners. The conclusion that the AIDS agent was blood-borne rested on two findings. First, AIDS was occurring in transfusion recipients and individuals with hemophilia who had received AHF concentrate; these AIDS patients did not belong to any other known high-risk group for contracting AIDS. Second, the epidemiologic pattern of AIDS was similar to hepatitis B, another blood-borne disease. However, the magnitude and consequences of the risk for transfusion and blood product recipients was not known at this time. Furthermore, the epidemiological pattern of the new disease was difficult to interpret because, unlike most infectious diseases, there seemed to be several years between exposure leading to infection and the development of symptoms. As a result, physicians and public health officials underestimated the large number of infectious people who had no symptoms of AIDS but could transmit the disease to others and therefore substantially understated the risk of infection.

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