Sentence #3—First Concrete Detail.

There’s nothing wrong with abstractions. Abstractions provide some of the richestknowledge and insight available and offer chances to solve difficult problems. Andprecisely because of their great value, they should be combined with concrete details toensure their effective communication.

Sentence #7—Second Concrete Detail.

Concrete Detail: quote or paraphrase with citation (author, page)

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It is something that you will prove in the paragraph.
Concrete Details
The Concrete Details (CD) are facts, quotes, and examples from the text.

Concrete details cannot be argued with - they are evidence that support your point.
Commentary Sentences (CM) are your analysis, interpretation, explanation, or insight into the text.

Commentary should NOT just be the quote written in your own words.
Weak Commentary
After an incident where a stranger entered the home and tried to molest Jeannette, she describes how, "I asked Mom and Dad if we should close the doors and windows when we went to sleep.

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Most people are better at thinking concretely (after all, we are surrounded by a veryconcrete world. Most people are classified as visual learners) than abstractly. Concretedetails are therefore easier for readers to grasp (literally). Lucky for us, anyabstraction can be explained through concrete details. You may have to use a or example, but concrete details can make your ideasclearer and easier to understand.

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