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There is a common perception that lobster was considered a poor man's food,and this many have been in the case in colonial New England but not back in Europe.

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In the ancient Mediterranean world, where fishing was on an artisanal scale andalmosteverybody lived close to the water, the Greeks preferred the larger types of shrimp even tolobster, andcooked them wrapped in fig leaves.

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But it has become quite respectable to serve themeat hot, in which case the lobster should be covered with drawn butter, not mayonnaise, andeaten with a fork and knife."
---"On a roll," David Shribman, , 8.13.2001 (p.

Immense quantities are brought to the London market, and form a considerable article of food among the poorer classes.

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'Consider the Lobster: And Other Essays,' by David Foster Wallace Pankaj Mishra's most recent book is "An End to Suffering: The Buddha in the World." His new book, "Temptations of the West: How to Be Modern in India, Pakistan, Tibet and Beyond," will be published in June.


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Reading David Foster Wallace's new collection of magazine articles, you could be forgiven for thinking that the author of such defiantly experimental fictions as "Infinite Jest" (1996) and "Oblivion" (2004) has been an old-fashioned moralist in postmodern disguise all along. The grotesqueries of the 15th annual Adult Video News Awards, which Wallace writes about at considerable length here, present an easy target. And so, to a lesser extent, do the corruptions of English usage in America and the right-wing radio host John Ziegler. But Wallace poses an unsettling challenge to the way many of us live now when, while visiting the Maine Lobster Festival on behalf of Gourmet magazine, he asks if it is "all right to boil a sentient creature alive just for our gustatory pleasure." His longing for the apparently rare virtues of frankness and sincerity in public life makes him admire John McCain, despite the senator's "scary" right-wing views.

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To the butter and lobster juices remaining in the pan, add 2 tablespoons of sherry wine, and scrape and stir at the sametime, from bottom and sides of the frying pan, so as to remove all the gelatinous particles which may adhere (the French culinaryterm for this procedure is called 'deglace').

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It is verygood, albeit somewhat complicated, to eat; simpler for the eventual diner if the cook minces themeat and forms it into cakes, as described in Apicius...The lobster (Homarus Gammarus) is Greekaskakos..., Latin astacus and elephantus; the latter name is seldom attested in classical texts butwas certainly in use, since it survives in modern Italian dialects."
---, Andrew Dalby [Routledge:London] 2003 (p.