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Therefore it can be said, fashion is an important element of identity formation.

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It is important that an understanding of the concept of identity is achieved before any connection is drawn with fashion. It is thus a type of social representation that relates an individual to their social world (Mathur, 2013). Everyone is entitled to feelings of great urge to express their identities largely due to the need to connect and associate with different people. Issues of gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, and religious beliefs, social and economic status compel people to express their identities. In this sense, fashion presents an opportunity for people to not only express their identities but also expel misconceptions regarding their identities. For instance, a person wrongly termed as a homosexual may use their sense of fashion to dispel any such misconceptions on their identity. The main beauty of fashion in this undertaking is that it helps in the visual communication of these facets of one’s identity without the need to use words. Accordingly, the fashion worn on a body is a direct communication of the wearer’s economic status, sexual orientation, educational attainment and taste, among other things.

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I shall explore important features of the nature and function of fashion, as it’s relevance offers models and materials for constructing identity.
People are imperceptibly influenced by the mass media that self-identity can be shaped and formed through consuming specific products.

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The subcultures of youths are highly important in understanding the issues of culture in fashion and identity. In Britain, for instance, reforms initiated in the 1950s resulted into more disposable income for the youths (Kaiser, 2012). In part, some of the youths now spent the income on fashion through embracement of gregarious fashion styles. However, the economic prosperity did not last for long thus leading a widening gap of generations. The effect was the culmination of many subcultures based around distinct styles, ideologies and cultures. For instance, there were Mods, Teddy Boys and Punks that were easily distinguished through their styles of dressing and social behavior. The emergence of subculture is endeavored to bridged problems that emanate from differences in social and political structures. As thus, sub cultures express different identities that are easily identifiable whenever one is not within the collective group.

Below, I will outline some possible reasons for this shift and discuss the dangers of people creating identities through consumption....

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The role of fashion in the contextualization and socialization of gender and sexual roles is widely accepted. It is obvious that fashion and clothing help in the determination of socially accepted sculpting of female and male images (Edwards, 2011). It is not surprising therefore that man with a sense of fashion have been considered unnatural around the world. In contrast, women that embrace men’s fashion such as trousers are considered aggressive and accepted in society. At some time in society, the norms of men as unnatural fashion lovers have been broken through such movements as the rock bands that dominated the 1980s. In this time, the society embraced femininity in men such as the wearing of makeup and the application of nail polish. Perhaps, the growth of such tendencies can be attributed to the development of the rock culture as well as the improvement in art and music. Today, such trends continue to dominate the society with occasional appearances of men that embrace femininity. Regardless, the first judgment of one’s gender and sexual inclination is their fashion and clothing (Barker, 2012). Indeed, one’s gender and sex is clearly identified through their attire thus forming conceptions on whether they are heterosexual, homosexual or simply men and women.

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There is no doubt that fashion and identity are closely related in both meaning and expression. In fact, the choice and expression of fashion communicates a great deal of one’s identity including their sex and gender as well as their social and economic status. The process of identity construction is highly influenced by the expression of fashion among different individuals (Milestone, 2012). The consumption of fashion itself results from cultural production as individuals associate fashionable goods with different meanings and symbols. In addition, fashion is attributed to the communication of religious, ethnic and national identities of a people through the clothes they wear as well as accessories applied on their bodies. In this regard, fashion does indeed provide a sure way for individuals to express their identities.