The two poems, "The convergence of the Twain' by Thomas Hardy and 'Harp song of the Dane women' by Rudyard Kipling both explore portrayal of loss but each in a very different ways.

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compare Thomas Hardy’s “The Convergence of the Twain” and David R. Slavitt’s “Titanic”

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The paper entails an Explication of Thomas Hardy’s poem, The Convergence of the Twain. The poet is among the unique individuals in the world of literature and has taken an unusual approach towards the story. He has focused on the Titanic ship and the iceberg. Therefore, we are going to analyze the poem by explaining […]

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Then, taking into consideration the title of the poem, analyze how the poetic devices convey the speaker's attitude toward the sinking of the ship.
Poetic Devices
2002 AP Lite, FR Question 2
In the poem "The Convergence of the Twain" by Thomas Hardy, the poet uses the title of the poem and a variety of poetic devices in order to convey his foreboding and callous tone towards the sinking of the ship.
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The Convergence of the Twain
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For those of you too young to remember, we'd like to grace you with . Yes, we're crying too, probably due to Celine Dion's passionate chest pounding, or maybe it's Leo's dreamy eyes. Anyway, we digress—but not too much, since "The Convergence of the Twain" (published in 1915) is about that same iconic ship that crashed into an iceberg in 1912. Although refrains from chest pounding, we can still sense a similar visceral connection to the kinds of mysterious and lonely emotions that must have been running rampant for the folks who went down. No matter if it's Celine Dion or an English poet, we're dealing with a story that people are still fascinated and moved by so many years later.

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