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Because cultures, like the personalities of individuals, take a long time to develop and a long time to change, in most cases one can achieve better results by using an existing culture, good or bad than by destroying an old culture and building a brand new one.

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Creating a culture of Customer Care

the intellectual and moral faculties," especially by education; "expert care and training"; "enlightenment and excellence of taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetic training"; "the total pattern of human behavior embodied in thought, speech, action and artifacts and dependent upon man's capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations ." The intensification of research on organizational effectiveness has led to the formulation of theories about factors within an organization that can make a difference in performance....

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Returning to Webster we see that culture derives from "acquaintance with and taste in fine arts, humanities, and broad aspects of science as distinguished from vocational or technical skills." Culture building requires a sharpening of the "soft" people skills and it involves three steps:
• Instilling commitment
• Rewarding competence
• Maintaining consistency


Culture Components Action to be taken
• Commitment Instill commitment to a common philosophy and purpose,
recognizing that employee commitment to a Corporate
Philosophy must go inside with both individual and
collective interests.

Just exactly how does a company create a culture of customer service? We offer five tactics to get you started:

Creating a culture of customers' satisfaction starts with ..

· Incorporate customer feedback into processes and behaviours– Vanessa Gavan is the managing director of . For over 15 years, Gavan has consulted to a range of leading Australian and international organisation to enhance business strategies, improve executive leadership capability, redesign organisation structures and deliver operational performance solutions. Maximus is celebrating its 10th birthday this year, and Gavan and her team are on the journey to become the first consultancy in the market to fundamentally integrate the total spectrum of people, leadership and culture solutions into core business strategy and transformation.

Creating a Culture of Evidence-Based Practice

The business knew where it wanted to go, but needed help to get there. Firstly, the company engaged an external party to immerse themselves in their service culture from both sides – customers and front line staff. Off the back of this research, they then implemented a multi-dimensional solution encompassing: strategy, culture, core behaviours, leadership capabilities, processes, support tools, and metrics. This solution was cleverly branded in order to generate awareness, excitement and engagement within the business.

In this Discussion, you focus on how to create an organizational culture that supports evidence-based practice.

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Businesses have often tried and failed. Some have addressed the issue from a cultural standpoint; others have revised their strategy and execution. Both approaches have flaws: they either lack the essential customer perspective or they neglect the people element. Some organisations fail to understand that to build a customer centric company, you don’t work from the inside out, you work from the outside in. In other words, your starting point shouldn’t be your business strategy, or your processes, or even your people – it should be your

In this Discussion, you focus on how to create an organizational culture that supports evidence-based practice.

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The demand isn’t determined by the organization with the widgets, it’s determined by the customers in the marketplace. If the company is able to put the customer’s needs at the center of their business strategy, they’ll be able to understand what the market demand is, then create products to supply it.

Long term success and perennial corporate excellence require alloys of superior strategies and strong cultures.

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To create a customer-centric model requires a shift in thinking. The shift starts with leaders who must create a culture of open dialogue. By definition, dialogue means both speaking and listening skills are required. It also means that brands need to understand that customers are powerful business partners and should be treated as such rather than as targets.