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Merlin and Morgan le Fay present the reader of with strange cases. Neither character seems able to stand on his or her own without Hank, but – unlike Sandy – neither represents anything good about human nature, suggesting that they figure instead darker aspects of the hero. For example, Merlin's power in the kingdom rests on his faith in people's superstitions. Although Hank professes to hate this sort of mindless stupidity, he engages in it himself by eclipsing the sun with his "power," blowing up Merlin's tower and fixing the well with "magic" that turns out to be merely roman candles. Merlin presents Hank's basic paradox: he embodies the very thing Hank wants to see destroyed in his bloodless revolution, and yet Hank relies on the same power over the people as the magician (superstition) in order to institute that revolution. Ironically, it is Merlin who deals Hank his final blow in the sixth-century, suggesting that Hank's failure to be a better man than his enemies is what eventually destroys him.

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In this paper I will attempt to make a critical analysis of John Demos’s work.

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We see evidence of this in Stephen King's "The Man in the Black Suit," and William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." Gary's actions while fishing, and Romeo's actions prior to and after the ball (mask) clearly show this to be true.
Writing a Critical Lens Essay:
Critical Lens Essay
The first step is to read and analyze the CRITICAL LENS:
Identify the most important words in the quotation
Interpret what you believe it means
Write down your own version of the quotation
Determine how you wish to state this idea
"There's no fate but what me make."
-Sarah Connor
Step 1 ID words: fate, make
Step 2: Fate is only a product of our choices
Step 3: Our choices determine our destiny.

Notice the conspicuous absence (obviously left out) of the most important words from the original quotation.

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The focus of this essay is to use Psychoanalytical criticism while analyzing Lady Macbeth’s character in William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

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Of course what is good for the goose is good for the gander and we will see how Macbeth also refutes his male gender stereotype.
5 Paragraph Model
Critical Analysis Essay



Laundry List
Draw your reader in with a famous quote, perplexing question, or bold audacious statement
Include the author and title of work(s) used
Give any historical context needed
Tell your reader how you have come to this topic and why it matters
No more than three or four sentences
A thesis argument is a research question you have changed into a statement, which can be argued against.

Research Question:
How does Shakespeare feel about the stereotypical cultural roles of men and women in Elizabethan England?

Weak Thesis:
"Shakespeare has many examples of the switching of gender roles in the play

With this thesis you can only point out the incidents of gender roles swapping.

Therefore, answering the questions of function and time of criticism goes with analyzing Matthew Arnold‘s essay through my reading of his essay....

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The indirect part that Gloster takes in these scenes where his generosity leads him to relieve Lear and resent the cruelty of his daughters, at the very time that he is himself instigated to seek the life of his son, and suffering under the sting of his supposed ingratitude, is a striking accompaniment to the situation of Lear. Indeed, the manner in which the threads of the story are woven together is almost as wonderful in the way of art as the carrying on the tide of passion, still varying and un-impaired, is on the score of nature. Among the remarkable instances of this kind are Edgar's meet-ing with his old blind father; the deception he practises upon him when he pretends to lead him to the top of Dover-cliff—"Come on, sir, here's the place," to prevent his ending his life and miseries together; his encounter with the perfidious Steward whom he kills, and his finding the letter from Gonerill to his brother upon him which leads to the final catastrophe, and brings the wheels of Justice "full circle home" to the guilty parties. The bustle and rapid succession of events in the last scenes is surprising. (But the meeting between Lear and Cordelia is by far the most affecting part of them. It has all the wildness of poetry, and all the heart-felt truth of nature. The previous account of her reception of the news of his unkind treat-ment, her unvoluntary reproaches to her sisters, "Shame, ladies, shame," Lear's backwardness to see his daughter, the picture of the desolate state to which he is reduced, "Alack, 'tis he; why he was met even now, as mad as the vex'd sea, singing aloud," only prepare the way for and heighten our expectation of what follows, and assuredly this expectation is not disappointed when through the tender care of Cordelia he revives and recollects her.

This critical analysis will reveal how the movie “August Rush” directed by Kirsten Sheridan, relates to the concept of belonging.

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Finally, write your personal insight about the play in a few paragraphs. What do you think about the main character and the decisions he makes throughout the plot? You should use the information exposed in the previous sections of this essay in order to arrive to a conclusion on this play. Do you like the outcome? Do you agree with Lear ways of thinking? What would you do in a different way and why?