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15 June 1914 marks the centenary of the publication of James Joyce’s seminal collection of short-stories, Dubliners. Joyce (1882-1941) originally began work on the collection in 1904, and it was largely completed by 1907. However, a series of legal wrangles with numerous publishers—including Grant Richards of London, who repudiated a contract with Joyce due to fears of legal action arising from some of the contents—delayed publication. Joyce claimed that the concept behind his hugely influential collection was an attempt to write what he described as ‘a chapter of the moral history of my country…I chose Dublin for the scene because the city seemed to me the centre of paralysis’. After a number of rejections, Joyce entered into a second agreement with his original publisher, and Grant Richards published Dubliners on 15 June 1914.

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Tymoczko, Maria. "In a radical new reading of , Maria Tymoczko argues that previous scholarship has distorted our understanding of James Joyce's epic novel by focusing on its English and continental literary sources alone," says the publisher. A complete, book-length critical study of James Joyce, courtesy of the California Digital Library (Univ. of California Press 1994).

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from the Univ. of Wisconsin's Digital Collection. This web site provides links to the full text of 16 books of literary analysis on James Joyce: Benstock, Bernard (1965); Benstock, Shari and Benstock, Bernard (1980); Bonheim, Helmut (1967); Hart, Clive (1962); Joyce, James (1963); Hayman, David (1990); McHugh, Roland (1976); Norris, Margot (1976); O Hehir, Brendan (1967); Peake, Charles (1977)and (1965); Budgen, Frank (1972); Mink, Louis O. (1978); O Hehir, Brendan and Dillon, John M. (1977); Lawrence, Karen (1981); Glasheen, Adaline (1977).

"An Allusion List for James Joyce's Ulysses: Part 2,'Nestor'."  1.2 (1964): 2-9.Williams, Trevor.

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Gabriel and James Joyce share some characteristics, and Joyce may well bepresenting us with a picture of what he and his life would have been likehad he remained in Dublin.

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In the short stories “Eveline” by James Joyce and “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway there are particularly good examples of the end of love and acceptance of loss....

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Perloff, Marjorie. Perloff considers the modernist and postmodernist city in the works of James Joyce, Lyn Hejinian, and John Cage. Electronic Poetry Center.

"Towards Poetry in Prose in the Proteus Episode of James Joyce'sUlysses." .

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Length varies from 1,000 to about 5,000 words.” With these characteristics in mind, then we are going to examine James Joyce’s short story Araby in terms of depiction of character, the story structure and the style....

James Joyce's short story, "Eveline," is an example of how promises are hard to break.

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Van Hulle, Dirk. A substantial introduction. On (1914); (1939) Also, essay by John Mepham on the used by such writers as James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and William Faulkner. [subscription service].

"An Allusion List for James Joyce's Ulysses: Part 3,'Proteus'."  1.3 (1964): 25-41.Vitoux, Pierre.

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James Joyce's fascinating double focus: the boy's first experience, and the man's reflection to the unforgotten moments of his childhood provides for the dramatic rendering of a simple story of first love told by a narrator who, with his wider adult vision, can employ the sophisticated use...