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With respect to democracy we can imagine three main approaches to thequestion as to whether democratic decisions have authority. First, wecan appeal to perfectly general conceptions of legitimateauthority. Some have thought that the question of authority isindependent entirely of whether a state is democratic. Consenttheories of political authority and instrumentalist conceptions ofpolitical authority state general criteria of political authority thatcan be met by non democratic as well as democratic states. Second,some have thought that there is a conceptual link between democracyand authority such that if a decision is made democratically then itmust therefore have authority. Third, some have thought that there aregeneral principles of political authority that are uniquely realizedby a democratic state under certain well defined conditions.

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Not all instrumental arguments favor democracy. Plato(Republic, Book VI) argues that democracy is inferior tovarious forms of monarchy, aristocracy and even oligarchy on thegrounds that democracy tends to undermine the expertise necessary toproperly governed societies. In a democracy, he argues, those who areexpert at winning elections and nothing else will eventually dominatedemocratic politics. Democracy tends to emphasize this expertise atthe expense of the expertise that is necessary to properly governedsocieties. The reason for this is that most people do not have thekinds of talents that enable them to think well about the difficultissues that politics involves. But in order to win office or get apiece of legislation passed, politicians must appeal to these people'ssense of what is right or not right. Hence, the state will be guidedby very poorly worked out ideas that experts in manipulation and massappeal use to help themselves win office.

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Hence, the defects that Plato sees in Athenian democracy are probably not the same ones he would find in such modern-day democracies as the United States or France....

To follow this path of "true" democracy is to follow the path to a perfect country.
The power and strength of government come from the people in a democracy.

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Plato, of course, is using the term to refer to the democracy of Athens, a small city-state where every adult male citizen was a member of the Assembly, and so had a voice in governmental policy.

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In a democracy the government is controlled by the.

Some consent theorists have thought that there is a special relationbetween democracy and legitimate authority at least under certainconditions. John Locke argues (1690, sec. 96) that when a personconsents to the creation of a political society, he necessarilyconsents to the use of majority rule in deciding how the politicalsociety is to be organized. Locke thinks that majority rule is thenatural decision rule when there are no other ones. He argues thatonce a society is formed it must move in the direction of the greaterforce. One way to understand this argument is as follows. If we thinkof each member of society as an equal and if we think that there islikely to be disagreement beyond the question of whether to joinsociety or not, then we must accept majority rule as the appropriatedecision rule. This interpretation of the greater force argumentassumes that the expression “greater force” is to beunderstood in terms of the equal worth of each person's interests andrights, so the society must go in the direction in which the greaternumber of persons wants it to go.

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Remember, he is a democrat.

Who could imagine a comedy writer being the unlikely Democratic candidate for a congressional seat?

Being a child of typical middle-class America from the liberal state of Minnesota gives a young Al Franken a strong, independent foundation for his future life choices.