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For speaking, be chatty. It is essential that you give more to each answer. For speaking part 2, remember that these are not questions. They are just prompts and it is your task to add more information, description, details and stories to your talk.
Good luck!

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One more thing I really want to share to you… My speaking test was 26th at 12 00 pm. When I was entered into my speaking examination hall,examiner asked me regarding all the details of first part, individual long turn, then she sent me out of the room and called after few minutes later and again restarted the exam from beginning. I m really confused… Is that fair..? She didnt give any explanation about that .l feel, even though I attended well. But, perhaps I was little nervous because of that incident.. Plz reply

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The only way to help you is to ask you a few questions first:
1. Do you expand answers in part 1?
2. Do you pay attention to grammar in the question? For example, are you aware that the examiner asks second conditional questions in order to test the second conditional?
3. Do you follow the prompts in part 2 or do you add your own detail?
4. Do you add past memories, future hopes, descriptions and comparisons in your part 2 talk?
5. Do you explain in full all your ideas and views in part 3?
Answer those questions and I’ll be able to give you some tips.

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