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Hence, there are many individuals who firmly believe that globalization helped poor countries to improve their economy as well as well being of their people.

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In developing countries, learning process is even more challenging and can be a frustrating affair.

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The European Union has been major driving force behind the force of such agreements This report evaluate and explores the complex structures of recent free trade agreements between the European Union and developing countries, the main factors determining their economic effects, and presents quantitative simulations of the effects of these agreements....

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developed countries maintain relatively advanced technology and industry compared to developing countries which lead to countries with good technology to export and become richer and countries with low technology lead them to become more poor by importing...

They help less-developed countries through organisations like World Jewish Belief.

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The role played by the military is always to protect, defend, and assist its country in both war and peacetime, but in developing nations there are quite different roles as well.

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I am all for European aid and help to any country in need, as of course many above have stated that this is what must Europe stand for for the future: human betterment, across the continent and beyond. But only if this help comes with a totally selfless attitude and instead of looking down on those “poor” “Third World” nations, actually trying to inspire them to be as proud and confident that they can achieve greatness and be a invaluable member of the global community. Amen!

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A poor country needs direct investments, jobs, factories, education so it can stand on its own feet and start exploiting all the best that it has and investing then in innovation with its own money. So all that Europe could do is set up companies that will promote the exploitation of the country’s natural resources, schools, factories – but not sweat shops to exploit the local population with cheaper salaries for the continent’s rich elite.

Developing countries, because of poor nutrition, would benefit the most from modified foods.

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First of all, the wealth of rich countries is not only in money but also in knowledge. Thus rich countries can help teach poorer nations to help themselves. The saying “give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teaches a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime” applies here. Poorer nations can learn how to improve basic and essential sectors of their society such as farming and agricultural technology. In this way poor nations can become stronger, in the long run.

However, migration plays a key role in the development of both developed and developing countries.

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The purpose of this project is to evaluate social computing behavior in developing countries using twitter data to understand the possible role design interfaces has on these.

I think helping the developing countries will help EU as well-less immigrants.

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The two articles are similar in that they highlight the negative impact of globalization on developing countries but contrast on scope of study and evolution of globalization in general....