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12 pages in length. Research has shown that classroom management is one of several elements that are critical to student learning. It is also known that use of positive classroom discipline is of extreme importance to classroom management. This comprehensive research paper examines principles, techniques, and teaching issues concerning the implementation of positive discipline. Several relevant instructional programs are explained as are the productive outcomes of the typical positive discipline approach. Bibliography lists approximately 20 scholarly sources.

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Reducing Behavior  Problems in the Elementary School Classroom: A Practice Guide (NCEE #2008-012).

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Essay on importance of discipline in school.

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Disciplined school children are always orderly and punctual in their habits.

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In addition, being raised to understand that discipline at school was the same at home....

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The student does not provide any reasoning to support his conclusion. He discusses no criteria for assessing inventions for their importance, nor any evidence to support one or the other with respect to those criteria. Most of the factual detail is irrelevant to the issue.

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This is a 7 page paper discussing the state of the discipline of political science. Since the time of Aristotle, political science has been a discipline that has been used to study man and the state. Originally political science was based on philosophical theory much of it which was based on man�s natural knowledge. Within the last two centuries, political science has continued to study philosophy based on the state and the study of constitutional government. Within the last fifty years however, the discipline has been severed into various areas, the most published of which is that which leans towards a more �scientific� approach involving quantitative research. Leo Strauss recognized the development of this trend and tried to warn against it in the 1950s trying to bring the discipline back toward a broader philosophical approach. Many political scientists today also believe that in order to preserve the discipline a broader more historical philosophical approach should be used in which other cross disciplines should be included rather than subdividing the discipline further in an attempt to gain academic recognition. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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All in all, this is a terrible goal. So how does one write a decent IEP goal? Well, I’m going to explain it to you and give you the formula. If you’re a professional (such as a speech therapist), this will help you in writing goals for your student. If you are a parent, this will help you understand what types of goals should be written for your child and know how to ask for clarification if the goals you find in your child’s IEP aren’t up to these standards.