The word “Diwali” has come from a Sanskrit word “Deepavali” which means a row of lights and indeed illumination forms are its main attraction. Every home whether they are rich or poor- even the hut of poor or the big mansions of the rich are seen with the twinkling of small earthen diyas (lamps)- as they all welcome Maa Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

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People buys new clothes and things as it is a age old believe that buying anything new brings MAA Laxmi at homes. On this festival all the family member, relatives and friends gathers at one place and celebrate it with one another. People give gifts, sweets and enjoy by lighting crackers and fireworks at night. On Diwali night, all the sky is filled with beautiful fireworks. Every member of the house wears new clothes, decorate the house with diyas, rangoli, makes sweets and do puja and ask Gods for success, prosperity, peace, and happiness in their life.

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On Diwali we all should clean our hearts and forgive everyone. And also ask to forgive us if we have hurt some ones feelings as Diwali is the festival of Good over Evil. (Essay Ends Here)

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Atlas I would like to give a small message of Diwali. “Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya” (lead me from the darkness unto light) which means that where there is darkness light is needed. So to get rid of the darkness of sorrow we all have to light up the lamps of happiness. To get rid of darkness of disease, we have to light up the lamps of health. To get over the darkness of loss and failures, we have to light up the lamps of prosperity. And at last light up the lamps of true knowledge to get rid the darkness of ignorance. Thank you! (Speech Ends Here)

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We celebrate Diwali festival by exchanging sweets and explosion of fireworks. At the night of Diwali, the fireworks light up the night sky like a thousand stars. Even the small kids wait for this moment as it looks indeed very beautiful!

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Reopening of school after Diwali vacation there is speech competition in which A Short speech on Diwali festival for kids in English is asked. For such a competition in school, we have Diwali festival speech in English for kids/ children’s. Also a small speech for Diwali, and along with the latest topic speech on pollution-free Diwali has been posted.

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Diwali Essay In English For Kids

Diwali Essay– Diwali is one of the most famous and significant festival celebrated by Hindus in India. All around the world people celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm as Lord Ram came back to Ayodhya after 14 long years. So people illuminate their houses in order to welcome their lord and have massive celebrations. Diwali symbolizes good over evil.

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Diwali Essay For Kids In English

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