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In 2011, He's group opened the new research field of RNA epigenetics. That year his group reported that the FTO protein, which is associated with obesity, can remove 6mA from the messenger RNA of mammalian cells. In subsequent research, He's group discovered and described the writer, eraser, and reader proteins of methylated RNA. Additional studies conducted by researchers globally also have shown the functional significance of RNA methylation in many aspects of biology, including stem cell differentiation and development. The same base modification on DNA is the subject of the current studies reported in the three papers.

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Structure of DNA essaysThe "Thread of Life", is deoxyribonucleic acid, also known as DNA

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New ways to examine criminology statistics, DNA profiling, 3 strikes law and much more! - Economics topics from Adam Smith to OPEC and oil prices - many great topic suggestions are available to give you a unique twist in any economics research paper. - We specialize in education research and have the most contemporary listing of topics available for the Education Major.

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(Avery, Macleod, & McCarty, 1944) Before Avery and coworkers published their paper, there was very little interest in DNA among scientists in the field of genetics....

Because mitochondrial DNA is generally not used for solving crimes, for the purpose of this paper it will be disregarded....
This essay extensively examines the fundamental processes that allow for the transmission of DNA and thus life.

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Nothing can substitute for good genealogical research with solid paper trails, but DNAtesting might help identify ancient origins as well as help confirmmore recent genealogical relationships.

Introduction: This paper discusses the effect of forensic use of DNA technology and importance of using this technology.

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This paper examines Carrells et al’s research along with three other research articles to review how DNA is collected, the effects that is has on a juror and the pros and cons of DNA collection in the Forensic Science and Criminal Justice community. Keywords: deoxyribo...

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