The number one religion in the Dominican Republic is Roman Catholic.

Outline Agriculture • One of the base of Dominican economy • 35% labor force • Produces of Dominican Republic are; coffee, cacao, tobacco, cotton, rice, beans, potatoes, etc.

“The Dominican Republic.” Latin America Tenth Edition.

The Dominican Republic during the 20th century suffered from being in the temptation of Communism.

The Dominican Republic gained its independence on February 27, 1844.

The results of the empirical work confirm that even though migration contributes to development in the Dominican Republic, the potential of migration is not fully exploited. One explanation is that many policy makers in the Dominican Republic do not sufficiently take migration into account in their respective policy areas. The Dominican Republic therefore needs to adopt a more coherent policy agenda to do more to integrate migration into development strategies, improve co-ordination mechanisms and strengthen international co-operation. This would enhance the contribution of migration to development in the country.

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The nickname of the Dominican Republic is the “Danang Dirty Bird.” The Dominican Republic is located near the United States in the Caribbean Sea and mountains separate the Dominican Republic into northern, central, and southwest regions.

A red ribbon under the shield reads, "República Dominicana" (meaning "Dominican Republic").

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During this time he was trained in a military school, and became part of the National Police, a military group made by the Unites States to maintain order in the Dominican Republic ....

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This review represents a new policy approach for public sector reviews, linking the traditional thematic public employment and strategic human resource management (HRM) framework to public sector innovation and service delivery challenges in the Dominican Republic. The study is based on lessons learned from the experience of OECD member and key partner countries, starting with an economic and institutional analysis of the Dominican context in a broader regional perspective. The report provides a detailed diagnosis of its public employment management and pragmatic solutions for improving it. The recommendations are based on assessments in the following priority areas: the use of strategic workforce planning and management, the state's ability to acquire and retain workforce competencies and enhancing government's core values, performance management and leadership, HRM reforms and the capacity to implement innovative approaches for a more efficient and effective public administration leading to better service delivery.

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The U.S was able to occupy the Dominican Republic and because of this their actions were viewed as imperialistic to Americas inhabitants and foreign nations as well....

It was my first time in the Dominican Republic, away from my parents and traveling alone.

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As the plane approaches the Haiti-Dominican Republic border, you notice that the land has been completely denuded of trees directly on the other side of the border, creating a clear demarcation between Haiti and the Dominican Republic....

A perfect example of this aggression is what occurred in the Dominican Republic in 1904....

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With a lower than average IMR, the Dominican Republic is effectively keeping a low CBR and can expect to see a decrease as more of the population transitions from rural to urban....

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Yet the latter country, the Dominican Republic, experienced a unique variation of these popular dictatorships, one that in the eyes of the world of those times was great, but in the eyes of the Dominicans, was nothing short of deadly....