Why the war on terrorism is futile.

I don't care about terrorism. I care about the rapid removal of my rights in the name of terrorism. This has happend many times in that past for many different reason. It has never lead anywhere where i would want to be. The most popular recent event would be the gastopoe.

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In this essay, Walzer talks about different reasons that people would want to resort to terrorism.

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Also Political parties make money out of Terror, they spend lots of tax on technology, and award the contracts to companies with a high profile to the polititions via subsidising political confrences, and directors giving loans to political parties. So the wheel is given cause to go around and squeek more loudly...

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Just recently there was a piece on the History Channel (or Military Channel, or ...) about the blitz. Much of it was a re-creation of the experiences of two American reporters in London. In one scene, with the city in flames and bombs raining down, they entered a posh London hotel where men were sitting calmly smoking pipes, talking quietly, and reading the paper. The British simply refused to allow civility to be terrorized out of them. In the face of that resolve, the German terror campaign ultimately failed.

Maybe we should quit talking about terrorism, and just call it what it is: Fear Itself.

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With these changes and inconveniences in the way we live nowadays because of terrorism, the terrorist probably think that they have the upper hand because they have at least partially accomplished what they set out to do and that was to make people scared to get on airplanes or go to areas where many people gather, to always have them and their tactics in the back of our minds, to engage America in wars in the Middle East, and to force the United Sates and other countries spend billions and billons of dollars trying to fight or even stop terrorism. This is what happened to the Soviets in Afghanistan. The terrorist are using this as a model against the U.S.

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The article made a lot of good points. One of the truest is that terrorism done to cause terror. That is why it is the horrible violence is called terrorism. I don't know how many people today are still frightened about what happened on 9/11 in New York and Pennsylvania or are still too afraid to get aboard an airplane, but we, the public, are constantly reminded by politicians and the media of what happened that horrible day. The perpetrators of 9/11 have got to be extremely proud of themselves for what they accomplished on that day, and for the panic that not only hit the United States, but the Western world altogether. Six years later and it is still a big topic of discussion. Supposedly, we are safer today and more ready for an attack or an attempted attack. Even if that is true,(and it can be up for debate), we have paid a great price by less privacy, more government intrusion, going through torute at the airport, a big change with what's important in our lives, and, some would argue, a erosion of civil liberties.

A bunch of commenters are saying that my essay ignores that terrorists have a political motivation.

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The way that I see it (after a great deal of research) is that 9/11 and other incidents were not pulled off by Muslim groups, rather by a cooperative consisting of Israeli intel agents and American military/industrial agents. Together, with the aid of American media interests, they've been framing Muslims for actions that they have had no involvement in. The aim of this is to turn western public opinion against Muslims and to create plausible rationales for war. Their hope is, that with enough of this, they will be able to initiate real terror actions rising from the Muslim community. If they are allowed to continue with this evil theater of theirs, they will achieve their goal of causing a flow of genuine reaction from these heretofore overwhelmingly passive peoples. The only hope we have to stop this is to immediately recognize the phony nature of the "Islamofascism" rhetoric and to expose the real culprits behind 9/11, none of whom were Islamic militants, rather they were the *enemies* of Islam and those that covet the oil beneath Arab land.

1) If the only way to stop terrorism is to give them what they want, the awnser is simple:

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I just wanted to thank you for your well-reasoned lead article in the 15 Sept edition of Crypto-Gram. I had been associated with both physical security (security guard, private investigator, and reserve police officer) as well as "cyber security" (systems and network administrator) for several years, and so appreciate someone who has an understanding of both the theory as well as practice of security. It would be wonderful if those who profit from hysteria (both the "terrorists" as well as the politicians and war profiteers) could be calmed by your practicality. I doubt, however, that they would choose to listen.

Please, nevertheless, continue with your commentary. Perhaps more will be willing to pay attention.

The War on Terror is a smoke screen behind which the US conducts its desperate but highly profitable energy war.

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I am not afraid of terrorists and I think we should use the same tact on them I use on my 4 year old -- when they misbehave, ignore the bad behavior and only reward the good.
I am MUCH more worried about a cell phone using driver slamming into my car than a terrorist.