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Similarly, from 1964-1995, international tourist stayover arrivals skyrocketed,as illustrated in (Tourism Transitionin Costa Rica, 1965-1995, International Stayover Arrivals, Source: Europa World Yearbook Selected Years. Taken from Ecotourism in theLess Developed World by D.B.

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Weaver, David. Ecotourism in the Less Developed World. NewYork: CAB International, 1998.

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Clearly ecotourism is a multi-dimensional, complex practice that hasresulted in tradeoffs, in costs and benefits for Costa Rica. Allthe same, it is a practice that is being promoted with increasing fervorby the Costa Rican government and the tourism industry. But how longcan this practice sustain itself? Is ecotourism sustainable?

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Since the establishment of the first four parks in 1970, the systemhas expanded to include over 70 entities, comprising approximately 1,000,000hectares or 21% of the national territory (refer to , Costa Rica, Selected Protected Areas, Source: Boza, 1998;Rovinski, 1991; and Carey & Jones, 1993. Taken from Ecotourismin the Less Developed World by D.

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A similar informal survey conducted in 1995 indicated that over 40%of American and European (excluding German) visitors to Costa Rica cameto the country for nature-related activities (refer to , Purpose of Visit to Costa Rica, Selected Results of 1995 VisitorSurvey, Source: TTI, 1996d. Taken from Ecotourism inthe Less Developed World by D.B.

Ecotourism or Ecological Tourism became a travel concept in the late 1980s when globally there was increasing environmental awareness ...

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These facts about ecotourism in Costa Rica demonstrate the importantrole it has played in bolstering the country’s tourism industry. However, a few questions persist. For example, why is ecotourismso popular in Costa Rica? What has made tourism the largestgenerator of foreign exchange there? Why has the Costa Rican governmentso aggressively promoted ecotourism? The following sections providegreater insight into these questions.

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Specifically, there needs to be the establishment of a systemthat considers all aspects of ecotourism ranging from the biophysical tothe social. To that end, more scientific studies related to the biodiversityof the parks, habitat and its disruption, park carrying capacities, pollution,visitation, and other similar issues will need to be conducted. Similarstudies related to income generation and economic development activities,as a result of ecotourism, must also be carried out on a regular basisin order to determine if local economic growth is indeed occurring. Likewise, the government, in collaboration with different governmentaland non-governmental agencies, needs to identify issues regarding ecotourism’simpact on the cultural practices and lifestyles of local communities, toassess and hopefully forestall any negative consequences.

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The Development of Ecotourism in Costa Rica
Around the same time the global environmental movement was galvanizingin the 1960’s, the Costa Rican government was being criticized for itsenvironmental policies, or lack thereof. Essentially, Costa Ricahad no effective environmental policies, which was resulting in widespreaddeforestation of the countryside. As a result, a number of scientistsand environmentalists who had studied and experienced, first-hand, thespectacular biodiversity and variety of environments in the country beganto apply pressure on the government to create more proactive, aggressiveenvironmental preservation programs. These same people began to lobbyvarious international environmental organizations, such as the World ConservationUnion (IUCN) and governments to intervene and take part in helping to protectthe environment within Costa Rica.