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Many of today's electric vehicles run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries — the same kind found in most laptops. These are replacing the cheaper lead-acid batteries used in most older models of electric vehicles. []

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Whereas conventional vehicles burn fuel in an , battery-powered electric vehicles don't have an engine. Instead, they use energy stored in batteries to power one or more electric motors.

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- This is a rare opportunity to own one of the best preserved examples of the first generation 1994 North American Specification (NAS) Defender. This vehicle is #325 out of the 1,943 units brought to the USA in 1994 and it was named the 1994 Four Wheeler of the year. No cost was spared properly equipping and maintaining this very sought after and vanishing model. Invest now - Land Rover announced in 2015 that they will no longer produce the Defender model worldwide. (11/20/15)

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Shenzhen Bus Group also operates electric taxis and other commercial vehicles, as part of the . These projects provide additional lines of revenue, enabling the company to expand and enhance its electric fleet.

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Electric vehicles are also limited by the range they can travel on a single battery charge. For short-distance commuting, this isn't a problem, but longer trips require . Battery swapping — in which a depleted battery is exchanged for a fully charged one — is one possible solution, and Tesla Motors has begun using this option.

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Electric cars have undergone a surge in popularity in recent years, but electric vehicles were , according to Huei Peng, a mechanical engineer at the University of Michigan who works on the design and control of clean vehicles, including electric cars. The vehicles remained popular until the early 20th century, when they had to compete with mass-produced internal-combustion-engine vehicles.

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Electric cars are automobiles, which are powered by the electric engine and electric energy. The development of the electric vehicles is a very perspective and important process. Scientists and engineers managed to create electric engines which are no less effective than the ordinary engines used today. It is obvious that electric cars are more ecologically safe and require less energy for work. In the very close future electric cars will replace ordinary cars, because the natural resources, like oil will be completely exhausted.