‘The Civil Engineer of 2025 – Ethics Come First’.

We fullysubscribe to this approach not only for teaching engineering ethics, but also for teaching (and practicing) in other areas ofprofessional responsibility.

(1991) ‘Codes of ethics and the moral education of engineers’, D.G.

Association for Practical and Professional EthicsDavis, M.(2005) ‘Engineering Ethics’.

Mass media has used codes of ethics for nearly 100 years.

Lorenz, a mechanical engineer whospecialized in fracture mechanics of metals, whose employment atMartin Marietta Corporation was terminated, allegedly because of threeethical issues.

There have been arguments on if media should have a code of ethics.

“Biomedical engineering achievements range from early devices, such as crutches, platform shoes, wooden teeth, and the ever-changing cache of instruments in a doctor’s black bag, to more modern marvels, including...

Recently, Davis presented a useful historical perspective of engineering ethics.

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An ethical engineer is one who avoids conflicts of interest, does not attempt to misrepresent their knowledge so as to accept jobs outside their area of expertise, acts in the best interests of society and the environment, fulfills the terms of their contracts or agreements in a thorough and professional manner, and promotes the education of young engineers within their field.

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In the professional world, ethical engineering problems come up in many cases. One of these includes the case of a professional using someone else’s work that is published in the widespread market of publication. Another is the case of a professional using someone else’s work that is not published yet and stealing their idea. Engineers who have good engineering ethics often have a good sense of the value of life. They don’t hesitate to admit that they made a mistake because they know that the cost of not owning up to your mistakes can have disastrous consequences. It might even cost a human life.

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Your ethics essay should be 1½ single-spaced pages (or 3 double-spaced pages). Be specific and use examples from the readings or from your own experience. If you would rather write about an ethics topic or event of more immediate concern to you, please do so.

Many organizations have set forth a set of guidelines known as a “Code of Ethics”.

In 1935, APTA adopted its first Code of Ethics and Discipline.

Thus, as seniors in college, we are making the transition from an academic environment to a professional environment. The further we are in our career path, the more important ethics is, especially engineering ethics. Thus, the soon we start defining our ethics the better, beginning with our final project in college and the first design project of our lives: our .

The Report Card for America's Infrastructure in the Context of the Code of Ethics

Ethics Program and Code of Conduct

As professionals, engineers need to internalize their codes and to realize that they have a personalstake in the application of codes as well as the process of developing the codes.

Backgroundinformation on codes of ethics is also provided at this site.

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Thus, there are many ethics classes in universities across the world. Some universities even require engineers to take classes on ethics. For example, Cohen et al. (2005) developed a model called the Air Model (AIR)SM to help students reflect and develop their personal code of ethics. AIR stands for Awareness (of ethical issues), Investigation (of those issues), and Responding (to those issues).