Malaysia biggest problem is the environmental pollution.

Many people who were introduced to the Industrial Revolution cared less about pollution and as science began to expand, the awareness of air pollution has grown havoc towards today....

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Environmental Pollution refers to the introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment

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The issue has to do with considering the environment a normal good while at the same time understanding the impact of industrialization on increased pollution levels.

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One view is that environmental regulations will create "pollution havens" in countries where there are less stringent regulations, simply relocating environmental damage to a country where the environment is worth less....

This contamination occurs when pollutants are emitted into our water from transport and environmental changes....

Environmental Pollution threats the existence of human life

If you follow these guidelines when outlining your cause and effect paper on environmental pollution, you’re likely to write a great work that will attract your readers’ attention to this problem.

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In this part, you should indicate the consequences of environmental pollution caused by humans. One of the most obvious effects is global warming, which threatens to destroy many ecosystems and change the face of Earth. Another effect is that, because of pollution, plenty of animals cannot survive in the polluted environment. This ultimately leads to their extinction. Such changes might cause disturbances in some food chains which might lead to the extinction of even more species.

Hypothesis Bruma Lake is an environmental issue due to water pollution which causes abnormalities in pH and ammonia levels.

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Latin America is becoming a predominantly urban society and with that pollution issues have become progressively important of the political agenda.

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First, you need to describe the different causes of environmental pollution in detail. For example, one of the causes is that there are too many people on the planet nowadays and it’s impossible to get rid of all the waste products without polluting the environment. You’ll be able to come up with more causes by doing thorough research.

Environmental pollution produces bacteria which results as diseases and disorders in humans, animals, agricultural plantations.

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Here, you should summarize the main points of your essay. You should indicate that the development of technologies is good, but it’s necessary to form strategies to cope with waste products, too. You may propose some solutions for this problem if you can come up with good ones. Also, you should call your readers to action. Make them understand that even small amounts of pollution might cause devastating effects on our environment.