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Here are rudimentary characterizations of some familiar types ofexperience. Each sentence is a simple form of phenomenologicaldescription, articulating in everyday English the structure of the typeof experience so described. The subject term “I” indicates thefirst-person structure of the experience: the intentionality proceedsfrom the subject. The verb indicates the type of intentional activitydescribed: perception, thought, imagination, etc. Of central importanceis the way that objects of awareness are presented or intended in ourexperiences, especially, the way we see or conceive or think aboutobjects. The direct-object expression (“that fishing boat off thecoast”) articulates the mode of presentation of the object in theexperience: the content or meaning of the experience, the core of whatHusserl called noema. In effect, the object-phrase expresses the noemaof the act described, that is, to the extent that language hasappropriate expressive power. The overall form of the given sentencearticulates the basic form of intentionality in the experience:subject-act-content-object.

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Too often, though, the writer won't go beyond the surface description, which leaves out a lot more than you'd think.
It's more than just what you
see on the surface

Writing a Descriptive-style Profile Essay
Description Uses Sensory Details
Moving your readers with your words!
Rewrite this advertisement, using the photo to the right as your guide of what the vehicle looks like, by writing in a way that would convince possible buyers to call you.
Description Uses Comparisons
The types of comparison used in descriptive writing:
usually direct & introduced with "like" or "as"--"Biting into a Tabasco pepper is like aiming a flame-thrower directly at your parted lips."
indirect, implying the comparison by describing one thing as if it were actually another thing--"Eating chili peppers is a decent into a pool of molten lava."
figure of speech where an object is given human qualities or characteristics--"The blue screen on my laptop stared at me, taunting me mercilessly."
an extended comparison where one subject is compared to a more familiar one, adding interest to your writing while making it more accessible to your audience--"Now we will compare the word to a seed..."
Suppose you are moving to a city where your apartment doesn't provide parking, making your VW bug more of an inconvenience than a help to you.

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Basically, phenomenology studies the structure of various types ofexperience ranging from perception, thought, memory, imagination,emotion, desire, and volition to bodily awareness, embodied action, andsocial activity, including linguistic activity. The structure of theseforms of experience typically involves what Husserl called“intentionality”, that is, the directedness of experience toward thingsin the world, the property of consciousness that it is a consciousnessof or about something. According to classical Husserlian phenomenology,our experience is directed toward—represents or “intends”—things only through particular concepts, thoughts,ideas, images, etc. These make up the meaning or content of a givenexperience, and are distinct from the things they present or mean.

Also note that the arrangement of the details in a descriptive paper depends on the subject and the purpose.
To achieve this, group your ideas and plan how you’re going to lay them down on paper based on this foolproof descriptive essay outline:

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The scope of Phenomenology of Perception is characteristicof the breadth of classical phenomenology, not least becauseMerleau-Ponty drew (with generosity) on Husserl, Heidegger, and Sartrewhile fashioning his own innovative vision of phenomenology. Hisphenomenology addressed the role of attention in the phenomenal field,the experience of the body, the spatiality of the body, the motility ofthe body, the body in sexual being and in speech, other selves,temporality, and the character of freedom so important in Frenchexistentialism. Near the end of a chapter on the cogito (Descartes’ “Ithink, therefore I am”), Merleau-Ponty succinctly captures hisembodied, existential form of phenomenology, writing:

Regardless of how we use description, it is easy to see that it strengthens an essay considerably.

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Avoid summary in your descriptions. Offer concrete information, engage us with moment-to-moment details, tell us about each detail, and how they affect the senses.

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Consider epistemology. As we saw, phenomenology helps to define thephenomena on which knowledge claims rest, according to modernepistemology. On the other hand, phenomenology itself claims to achieveknowledge about the nature of consciousness, a distinctive kind offirst-person knowledge, through a form of intuition.