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So, for the essay you have written, I personally would have gone for the one sided approach. Or you could have gone for a balanced approach saying “I think assessing progress is better for younger children but exam assessment is better for older children”. ( the explanation will be that older children need to get used to the pressure that exams give because it is part of their training for their future.).

Essay on teacher who inspires you the most essay

Essay on teacher who inspires you essay - Prywatny …

Essay on teacher who inspires you essay

Good afternoon Liz! Thank you very much for all your help!
In a discussion essay, when the prompt asks for our opinion and our opinion stands solely with one of the two aspects. Should it be advisable to state our opinion only in the introduction, or we should restate it in the paragraph where we elaborate on the aspect that we stand for, using again one of the phrases that you taught us (in my opinion, I think, I believe)?

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Really appreciate the way you are helping people to get prepared for their IELTS. Your video lessons are really thoughtful and well prepared. Just one question on a subject essay; the topic called for the perspective of people, competing for a job, with skills or without skills but having an education. Whereas, in your essay, the second argument is about business as a good fit for people with no formal education. How do you see it, are you not going away from the topic?

It’s an opinion essay with a direct question. “what, in your opinion, …”. It does not say “discuss both sides”.All the bestLiz

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I’m not clear about your first question. If you agree with one side, then mention that in the body paragraph for that side. Personally I would mention it at the start of the paragraph to help the reader remember, for example “On the other hand, it is often thought that children should learn to compete rather than work together and I agree“. If you have a different view to that of the sides offered (a balanced approach), then you need a separate paragraph.

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Firstly, this sentence has no significance in IELTS writing task 2 ” In this essay, both sides of this debate will be analyzed before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.”. The examiner knows what you plan to do because IELTS gave you the instructions. Please watch my video about how to write a proper introduction for IELTS – see my writing task 2 video lessons.
Secondly, the instructions ask you to discuss and also give your opinion. Where is your opinion? It is equally important as the discussion. Please see my model discussion essay.
Thirdly, please watch my video about linking devices to start your conclusion.
All in all, you write well but your IELTS skills need work.

Good Evening Liz, here is my complete essay, I would like to go through it and give your comments on weak points.

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Hi Liz, Is it really necessary to cite your opinion on the introduction for this type of essay? From my point of view, you have to discuss two sides first before stating your opinion. Thank you Liz

I would love to hear your thoughts about this.Thank you again for all your useful informations.Have nice week end.

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My 10th grade math teacher has inspired me. Before 10th grade math was been a struggle for me, she has made study books, and always asks if I need help. The way that she teachers her class seems to click with me and I understand the topics more than I ever had. She is always there for her students not just with math but in life, you can tell she does what she loves. My teacher always congratulates you when you get a good grade on a test or quiz and always makes you feel good about yourself. If you do poorly on a test she will often give you another change to help improve your grade. When she comes into class she is never in a bad mood like other teachers sometimes are, she always asks how your day is and tells you to keep up the good work.

Contact; Essay Color Key Free Essays Unrated Essays Better I have two things that inspire me in my life.

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Try to develop both body paragraphs equally. Your score is also calculated on how you develop and extend ideas. Furthermore, check how to write a thesis statement for this type of essay. See my model.
All the best