What does the United States have to gain from a war with Iraq.

While the US military had conducted a campaign of forced demodernizationin the first Iraq War, attacking even civilian technological infrastructurerelated to water and sewage, in the second attack on Iraq by the Bush,Jr. administration, Feith and Wolfowitz concentrated on the destructionof Iraqi society, as such. They promoted the massive purge of the entireIraqi civil service, professions, universities, schools and hospitals ofBaathists, as well as the dismantling of the Iraqi army and dismissal of400,000 Iraqi military and police personnel - over the shocked objectionsof experienced senior US military officers who had expected to work withthe

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I am going to start with the Iran-Iraq war which started in 1980 and ended in 1988.

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{p. 30} fruition. Israeli National Infrastructures Minister Joseph Paritzkyrequested an assessment of the condition of the old oil pipeline fromMosul to Haifa, with an eye toward renewing the flow of oil "inthe event of a friendly postwar regime in Iraq". 7 Paritzky notedthat the pipeline would cut Israel's energy bill drastically, probablyby more than 25 per cent, since the country was currently largely dependenton expensive imports from Russia. On June 21, 2003, Reuters reported:"Netanyahu says Iraq-lsrael oil line will open in near future."By August 2003, Haaretz was to report that: "The United States hasasked Israel to check the possibility of pumping oil from Iraq to the oilrefineries in Haifa. The request came in a telegram last week from a seniorPentagon official to a top Foreign Ministry official in Jerusalem."8 (Now who might that have been ...?) By 2006, three US bases were underconstruction in the north of Iraq falling along the potential constructionline of an oil pipeline from Kirkuk oil fields to the Israeli shippingseaport and petroleum-refining city of Haifa (see diagrams below), witha view to turning that city into a "New Rotterdam".9

dollars has been spent on the war in Iraq since it began in 2003, ..

The issue of access to oil has long been problematic for Israel, dueto its inability to purchase oil from neighboring countries. In typicalfashion, this problem was resolved through the September 1st, 1975 Israel-USMemorandum of Agreement Concerning Oil, whereby the US agreed to guaranteeIsrael's access to oil - an agreement which has been regularly renewedover the subsequent period, at some cost to US taxpayers (see below). By2003, however, with pro-Zionist forces calling the shots in the US governmentand Operation Iraqi Freedom afoot, the prospect of Israeli access to Iraqioil neared

(The Washington Post) The War with Iraq is a very divisive issue around the world.

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President Bush spoke with similar enthusiasm about regional transformationas he made the case for war against Iraq. On February 26, 2003, he toldan audience at AEI that the United States aims to "cultivate libertyand

Still to this day people are torn between going to war and trying to keep peace with Iraq.

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{p. 25} those which preceded the war against Iraq. Though the understandingof the general public appears to have moved beyond the original officialreasons for war (WMDs, the presence of Al Qaeda, and "bringing democracy"),and even beyond its supplemental pretexts (regime change, human rights),the present focus of both public and progressive criticism is directedlargely towards the interests of Big Oil or "empire" as the sourceof the conflict. The notion that the US went to war against Iraq for thegreater good of Israel remains largely absent from commentary in the majormedia.

13. Nathan Guttman, "Some Blame Israel for U.S. War in Iraq,"Ha'aretz, March 5, 2003.

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{p. 237} tion was unmistakable: anyone who opposed invading Iraq - or,as we have seen pushed Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians - wasan appeaser, just like Neville Chamberlain, and bound to be regarded assuch by future generatiOns. The Jerusalem Post was especially hawkish,frequently running editorials and op-eds favoring the war and rarely runningpieces arguing against it.39 Indeed, it went so far as to editorializethat "ousting Saddam is the linchpin of the war on terrorism, withoutwhich it is impossible to begin in earnest, let alone win."40

From quarrels between feuding religious groups to dictators with an agenda of power, Iraq’s journey toward democracy has not been easy....

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{p. 256} peace in the Middle East." He emphasized that "theworld has a clear inter- est in the spread of democratic values, becausestable and free nations do not breed the ideologies of murder. They encouragethe peaceful pursuit of a better life. And there are hopeful signs of adesire for freedom in the Middle East." Furthermore, he claimed, "Successin Iraq could also begin a new stage for Middle Eastern peace, and setin motion progress towards a truly democratic Palestinian peace.147