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The OAS activities poisoned an alreadybad situation, and created bitterness that prevented France andAlgeria from establishing normal diplomatic relations for yearsafter independence.

French Decolonization Conflict in Algeria Essay

The nation’s primary languages are Arabic and French (Algeria was colonized by France).

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To what extent did the activities of FLN influence De Gaulle and what other factors can be identified which led to his surprising decision to grant independence to Algeria.

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Decolonization refers to the changes in the economic and political relations between colonies and their masters. It often refers to the state of independence among African and Asian state after the Second World War. Colonies were able to achieve decolonization through different processes. First, a country like Algeria used protracted violence because colonial rulers were fully opposed to full independence. Second, some countries used negotiations and accommodation to achieve their independence. A good example is Singapore which later on formed voluntary organizations with its colonial masters. However, there are some countries that resolved to remain colonies and a perfect example is Gibraltar.

There were a number of factors that lead up to independence of Algeria for example the FLN.

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Colonies experienced industrialization and economic development during the Second World War. These factors accelerated the process of decolonization because most of them became economically sustainable. Colonies played a great role in the Second World War by supplying their colonial masters with both raw materials and military personnel. For example, India provided Great Britain with approximately two and half million soldiers. Furthermore, it also manufactured ammunitions that the Allies used to fight in the South-Asian region. The end of the Second World War saw India become one of the largest industrial economies in the world.

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This defeat along with others in Vietnam and other colonies proved to the Algerians that France was not the superpower they had once believed it was, and nationalist feelings began to grow.

They alsolaunched a terror campaign in France and began to target Muslimmoderates in Algeria.

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offers the first thorough analysis of the ways in which Moroccan, Algerian, and Tunisian writers have engaged with the Palestinian question and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict for the past fifty years. Arguing that Palestine has become the figure of the colonial in the purportedly postcolonial present, the book reframes the field of Maghrebi studies to account for transversal political and aesthetic exchanges across North Africa and the Middle East. Olivia C. Harrison examines and contextualizes writings by the likes of Abdellatif Laâbi, Kateb Yacine, Ahlam Mosteghanemi, Albert Memmi, Abdelkebir Khatibi, Jacques Derrida, and Edmond El Maleh, covering a wide range of materials that are, for the most part, unavailable in English translation: popular theater, literary magazines, television series, feminist texts, novels, essays, unpublished manuscripts, letters, and pamphlets written in the three main languages of the Maghreb—Arabic, French, and Berber. The result has wide implications for the study of transcolonial relations across the Global South.

What was the impact of the armed uprisings in Algeria and Kenya (Mau Maua movement) in the process of decolonization?

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But there was still powerfulsupport within France for retaining Algeria, and in particular,officers of the French army accused the civilian government (theFourth Republic, founded after World War II in 1946) ofabandoning Algeria.

I think Great Britain gave India Independence and Algeria had to fight for their independence from the French ( i think it was French..

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The Second World War was the most significant factor that facilitated decolonization because it weakened European powers and even ended some of them. Consequently, international relationships changed and states became very hostile to colonialism. One of the most common case examples in the study of decolonization is Japan. Japan was one of the countries that were terminated by the Second World War. Prior to the war, the country had a lot of possessions in its colonies including China, Burma, and Korea. However, all these colonies were independent by the end of the Second World War. Italy is also one of the colonizers that lost its colonies. It lost Libya among other small empires around the world.