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Having a roommate in a dorm won’t help pad your wallet, but it will for living in an apartment. Of course, in an apartment, you’ll have to deal with rent and utility bills in the first place, which you wouldn’t if you were living in the dorm. But in larger cities you can choose what utility company you want to go with (depending on what part of town you live in) and how much your rent is based on what size place you can afford. You and your roommates will need to decide who is responsible for paying the bills each month (as in, who keeps up with when bills are due, figures how much is owed and physically drops them in the mailbox) and if the person living in the master bedroom pays more for more space. And, of course, you’ll need to purchase furniture for your apartment, which can become costly if you’re footing the bill yourself.

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Going to college is supposed to be about freedom and living in your own apartment or house, right.

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An apartment clearly wins for this feature, as you’ll have an actual closet to put clothes in, a bigger dresser instead of a few drawers and more storage areas than just under your bed. You’ll also be able to have a bigger bed (versus twin-sized beds in the dorm) and your own bathroom.

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Nothing beats the location of living in the dorms, which are typically located on campus. You won’t have to have a car (or may not be allowed to have one, depending on the university rules) and can easily walk to class, the dining hall and friends’ dorms without fear of parking tickets. However, if you need to go off campus, you may have to bum a ride or risk losing your parking spot.

One of the most obvious differences of living in a college dorm room is being away from your parents and out on your own....

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Should you stay in an on-campus dormitory or find your own space in an off-campus apartment? Here are four things to consider as you make this decision.

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If you didn’t get to choose your roommate for your dorm, you will almost certainly hand-pick your roommate for your first apartment. Whether you select a longtime friend or someone you met from your classes, you stand a better chance of getting along with them if the choice to live with them is yours (though conflicts may arise from knowing each other TOO well).

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Renting an off-campus small apartment or roommate share is often cheaper than the price of a dorm room. Also, colleges typically require you to pay for the dorm room for the entire semester at once. While off-campus living may be more inconvenient and may lead to less direct campus involvement with other students and activities, lower rent and monthly vs. up-front payment schedule is often the deciding factor. However, when you balance the cost equation, do not forget that dorm price is all inclusive. If you love to crank your air conditioning really cold, and take long hot showers, the dorm is great because you don’t have to worry about running up your utility costs. For a full dorm vs. rental cost comparison talk to friends who have apartments and ask what their monthly utilities are. Luckily, you’ll probably split the bills with your roommates, so the costs may not be that high.

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For many, a key advantage of an apartments is that it allows you the freedom to choose your roommates, rather than being assigned one. Some people have made lasting friendships with their dorm mates, but surely you have heard some horror stories. Living with a friend can be great fun, and much more comfortable than an assigned match. Just keep in mind that finding a is as important as finding an apartment that is right for you.

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Save tons of money. You won’t save a little bit of money, you will save a boat load of money. If you are lucky enough to have your parents cover the cost of your college dorm room then chances are you wouldn’t be reading a personal finance blog. By attending a college in my town I save enough money to be comfortable and travel a few times a year.

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With one semester down, you might be debating over whether to call it a day in the dorms or stick it out for the rest of the school year. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so here’s the highs and lows of each to help you determine if you want to stick with communal living or go solo (or semi-solo, with a roommate) in an off-campus apartment.