Drug abuse takes an enormous toll on our society at many levels.

In 1930 the congress of United States separated drugs from the alcohol prohibition law and created a new federal drug prohibition agency (Levine, 2002).

An issue that causes a lot of controversy is drug abuse.

Incarceration rates have also increased due to the increase of laws against illegal drugs.

Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs in the world.

There are 49, 984 registered drug addicted people, and among them the amount of children is 3, 071 (Over 3 thousand drug addicted kids are registered in Kazakhstan, 2011).

In fact, every country in the world has a form of drugs prohibition.

Although the problem of drugs may seem impossible to avoid, we still can prevent this problem throughout society by taking some powerful and effective actions....

Child abuse can be reduced with proper education of the parents and with greater public awareness.

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People often wonder why a man or woman would want to harm a child, and while there are many programs are out there that do their best to prevent child abuse.

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Child abuse is often the result of stress or anger issues, psychological disorders, or the cause of the person having been abused as a child themselves.

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I wanted to know if the “war on drugs” stop our neighborhood from being flooded with drugs or it just over shadow the real problems that needs to be tackled....

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse: opiates, depressants, and stimulants are the three drug classifications most commonly abused by Americans (Kendall 175).

The most popular recreational drug in the world is caffeine.

It will then outline the ways in which policy and practice has responded to the problem of elder abuse since the protection of our future: Report of the working group on elder abuse was published in 2002.

Why did they choose drugs and speed to implement their rebellion.

Thus exploiting the public’s fear of children born to substance addicted mother and creating a firestorm of litigation to prosecute pregnant drug addicts.

Drugs are chemicals that change the way a person’s body works.

Schlosser identifies a few of the crippling side-effects of the current drug policy put in place by the Richard Nixon administration in the 1970s to prohibit drug use and the violence and destruction that ensue from it....